Mouse Droppings: The Tail Continues

white-mouse-on-skate-board.jpegIt’s been week three with Milford the Mouse and let me just say that the fumes that are coming out of that rodent’s cage should be prohibited by law. Milford has now been permanently banished to our mudroom – which unfortunately now smells so bad we may have to put yellow police tape across it so that nobody opens the door.
I’ve already gone through two air fresheners and we’ve been burning a candle to kill the smell. In fact, I was practically ecstatic when I received a special gift from my friends at Febreze – a brand new air freshener that purportedly smells like New Zealand. It does smell quite delightful but I’m going to have to take their word for it or will ask my friend Phil Keoghan, the host of “The Amazing Race” and a fellow New Zealander if in fact Febreze captured his country’s scent in a bottle.
But back to Milford. My son has been diligently washing Milford’s belongings, but no matter what we do, it seems to be useless. The poor mouse seems miserable and we’re at our wits end. If anyone out there knows how to kill the smell of a pet rodent, I will happily take any and all suggestions.