Five Home Office Decorating Ideas

The Organized Mom shares more great tips on how to decorate your hom office in style…

iStock_000002002250XSmall.jpgIn my last blog post I talked about organizing your home office with style and functionality. Here are five more tips that I’m dying to share with you.
1. Meeting area – Place a small lounge chair and table in your office. This creates a multipurpose area for a business meeting or as a place to take a break for a glass of tea or a power nap.
2. Wall color – Office walls do not have to be boring white. Use an off white color such as Khaki to add sophistication while keeping the space clean, light, and calming during those busy times of deadlines and phone calls. Add accessories in bold colors that make you feel productive.
3. Greenery – Plants always warm up a room. If your decorating skills are limited, place at least two types of fake ivy in a decorative vase, weaving them together for a natural look. If you want real plants that do not require a green thumb, try English ivy. This plant tolerates indoor lighting and temperatures, and all it needs is a little water. Pick a nice pot in your favorite accent color and protect the surface of your desk or table from water spills.
4. Timer – If you have a hard time managing the clutter on your desk, use a timer to spend 15 minutes each morning returning items to their appropriate places. Do this again at the end of the day.
5. Special greetings – A great space saver for your office is SendOutCards. Instead of having a box of cards and stamps that you can’t seem to find when you need them, use this online service to send greetings to your clients. Create the card with just the right message and the company prints, stuffs, stamps, and mails the card for you.
I love style and I love function and with these great tips your office will now have both. Until my next post, get those home offices organized.
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