Bullying and the Disabled: Lifetime Moms Clean Start Challenge

clean start challengeThis week’s post for the Clean Start Challenge focused on the statistics we’ve gathered on our journey to helping kids boost self esteem. While I’ve personally experienced bullying firsthand as a child and then as a parent, what I learned is that children who are disabled are bullied 60 percent more than their peers.
Today, Ellen Seidman, the incredible writer and mom behind Love That Max, wrote a powerful post about why we need to be mindful of our words. Ellen pointed out that the word “retard” runs rampant in the online world. When Ellen attempted to call people out for using that derogatory word, a few took exception to her comments and many shot back with a nasty retort. Thankfully, others came back to support Ellen and even apologized for being so callous.
As the Internet allows many of us to hide behind virtual personas, those engaging in social media tend to hurl insults at one another with reckless abandon. What we fail to realize is that words can be incredibly painful and it’s time we truly become mindful of what we say and write – especially when it comes to individuals with disabilities.
Check out my latest post at Lifetime Moms, where I share the details of a new study compiled by Ability Path called “Walk a Mile in their Shoes.” Ability Path and the Special Olympics have teamed up to support children with disabilities who find themselves victimized by bullies. With “Glee” star Lauren Potter as their national spokesperson, Ability Path hopes to educate children and parents about the importance of looking out for kids with disabilities and treating them with kindness, dignity and respect.
I hope you’ll take a moment to head over to Lifetime Moms and check out my latest post. And don’t forget to vote for Team Beth as we hope to win $10,000 for Love Our Children USA. Plus, you can enter to win valuable prizes provided by SC Johnson.
Our big event is coming up and we’re heading into the home stretch. Looking forward to an evening of inspiration and education as we support the efforts of Love Our Children USA and Stomp Out Bullying.