Ask Single Mom Walking

young couple beachDear Single Mom Walking:
My boyfriend went on his yearly “guys only” vacation to the Bahamas. One of the pictures he showed was of him arm in arm with this really cute girl. He says nothing happened but he just looked a little too “cozy” with her.
To Believe or Not To Believe
Dear to Believe or not To Believe:
Don’t you hate when that happens and all you have to show for your time away from him is a clean toilet and a yard free of dog poop?
I have to say that my jealousy over the fact that he went on vacation and I did NOT would likely outweigh my wonder as to whether he was poking his nose into places it shouldn’t be.
Ok, yeah, you probably don’t want envision that one.
However, you might want to ask yourself if you really want to be with a guy who is enough of a dumb ass to show any photo like this to his girlfriend, especially if, as he claims, he never even fooled around with her.
Seriously, this guy is one knife short of a whole set if you ask me? Or is it not the sharpest one in the…? Yeah, okay, whatever, who cares. Sure I have just proven myself to be a complete and utter moron, but at least I didn’t run home to my boyfriend and show him a photo of me licking the groin of some Bradley Cooper look alike while trying to pass it off as just your average beach day.
You see what I’m getting at? Exactly. I dream of licking Bradley Cooper daily and your boyfriend is potentially an idiot.
That aside, there is the fact that he may be telling you the truth here. I know many a man who, if given the chance to touch a pretty girl, would grab it and yes, sometimes never want to let her go but the reason could be as innocent as:
Peer pressure to not look like the kind of guy who is so dominated by his girlfriend that every time he goes out he leaves his balls in a jar on her nightstand.
The fact that his and every man’s brain has the ability shut down on a moment’s notice, leaving his penis in charge and therefore rendering him absolutely unable to stop touching either himself or any woman within five feet of him.
She reminded him of his favorite stuffed animal.
So to sum it up, you asked him, you got your answer and now you have to decide whether he really is a dumb ass or he’s just your average guy. I tend to listen to my instincts on matters of the heart, my health and whether or not I’m going to go with the fish or the chicken and nine times out of ten, I’m very grateful that I did.
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