Alma’s Easy Roast Lemon Chicken

roast chickenAfraid of giving your friends and family salmonella? This easy and moist chicken technique will allay your chicken-y fears forever. Enjoy!
Easy Roast Lemon Chicken
5 lb chicken (I used an organic one but it cost 20 bucks!!!!)It’s about 18 minutes per pound if you decide on a smaller chicken
2 lemons (this gives a great flavor AND keeps it moist)
olive oil, about 1-2 TBS
salt and pepper
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Wash your chicken off by rinsing it.
If there are chicken livers inside a bag in your chicken’s cavity, boil it up, chop it and put it in your dog’s food 🙂
pat your chicken dry and place it on a baking rack. Place the baking rack on a tin foil lined cookie sheet.
Take the two lemons, wash them and prick them with a fork all over. Stick them up the chicken’s arse.
Lay the chicken breast side down so the breasts stay moist.
Pour the olive oil on top of the chicken and rub it all over the chicken.
salt and pepper the chicken all over.
Stick it in the center rack of the oven and bake about 18 minutes for every lb. I baked my 5 pounder for 90 minutes and it was perfecto.
You know it is not raw if you stick a knife into the fattest part of the thigh and the juices are clear and not cloudy. To make absolute certain, stick a meat thermometer into the thigh and a perfect chicken will read 160 degrees.
Stay tuned for what I did with the leftovers the next night!!!
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