5 Home Office Organizing Ideas

00444155.jpg5 Organizing Ideas to make your Home Office Function with Style by the Organized Mom
· Decorative bulletin board – Find a board that is nicely framed and use it to post account numbers, codes, or your FIN (Federal Identification Number). When you need this information, it only takes a glance instead of searching your files or computer. The frame also makes this tool look like art.
· Corner desk – Some people like facing their office door, but this can be very distracting when pets or people walk by. A corner desk offers a lot of extra surface and storage space and takes up far less square footage than a desk in the middle of the room.
· Decorative boxes – If your desk does not offer much storage space, use decorative boxes to organize additional office supplies. These boxes hold the not-so-pretty extra office supplies you do not need in your desk now. When you purchase supplies such as Post It notes or pens and notepads in large quantities keep a few in or on your desk, and the rest in the storage boxes. When your supply gets low, the extras are hidden, but close at hand.
· Letter trays – Letter trays are often used on desks to hold papers that are just postponed decisions. Weeks and months of collecting will produce a pile of clutter so overwhelming that you feel paralyzed to do anything about it. Use letter trays to only hold items you use for daily tasks such as notebook for Passwords, directories, tablets, envelopes, and a business card binder.
· Electronic cord organizer – Organize the mess of cords on top of, down the sides, and behind your desk with the line of SIGNUM cable management products from IKEA.
Check back on my next post for another 5 Great Ideas for making your home office function with style.
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