Tips to Planning an Event

scj-300x250-t3 (1).jpgWe are down to the wire for the Lifetime Moms Clean Start Challenge, and this week, we’re offering tips on how to plan a community event in your area.
These days, parents and kids are spread so thin that it’s tough to add one more thing to their breakneck schedules, but I’m hoping that they will make an exception for our bullying prevention event.
If you’re planning an event in your community and are working hard to spread the word, then check out my post at Lifetime Moms which offers a step by step plan to garner exposure and attendance. From creating a partnership with a local media outlet or arranging for a TV anchor or radio host to moderate a panel, there are plenty of economical ways to spread the word! Plus, my coach for our event, Shaina, offers great tips on how to spearhead a community event on a tight budget.
On the flip side, if you’re invited to an event that you believe would be worthwhile for yourself or your kids, put the date on the calendar and do your best to make time for it. While we can never predict if our kids will come down with a stomach flu the same night, you should try your best to participate in an inspiring experience for your entire family!
While you’re over at Lifetime Moms, don’t forget to vote for Team Beth! We’ve got two weeks left and the winner of the Lifetime Moms Clean Start Challenge will receive $10,000 towards their favorite charity (ours is Love Our Children USA and Stomp Out Bullying). Plus you can enter to win great prizes provided by SC Johnson. And check back next week when we share all the details from our community event!