American Idol Top 10 Revealed

In case you missed it, Have U Heard unveils that American Idol top 10 competitors. Did your picks make the cut?
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aitop13 (1).jpg
American Idol has returned for an all new season with new judges, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, joining Randy Jackson and the rest of America to help come up with the Top 13 contestants for season 10.
With a new process to help find the top 13 contestants, it was not an easy task. The process used to be more drawn out with the top 24 contestants battling it out week after week in front of America. The top 24 contestants did compete but the process was quick and painless for the viewers.
With over 40 million votes, America spoke and chose the top 10 performers. The 10 finalists are:
Casey Abrams
Lauren Alaina
James Durbin
Jacob Lusk
Scotty McCreery
Paul McDonald
Thia Megia
Haley Reinhart
Karen Rodriguez
Pia Toscano
The judges gave six of the original 24 people a second chance to sing for their lives.
Ashthon Jones sang “And I Am Telling You” by Jennifer Hudson, Stephano Langone is up next and chose “I Need You Now”, Kendra Chantelle sings “Impossible”, Jovany Barreto sings next, Naima Adedapo chooses “For All We Know” as her song and finally, Robbie Rosen sings “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word”.
After what seemed like hours, the judges made their final decision and have chosen Ashthon Jones, Stephano Langone and Naima Adedapo as the final three finalists.
The final 13 contestants will battle it out to see who is the next American Idol.
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Rango Sneak Preview

Rango Review by Role Mommy West Coast Contributor Kristin Flannery
Rango-Movie-Poster-2.jpgThis weekend, get ready for a wild ride when Rango hits theaters nationwide! My daughters and I were lucky enough to attend a press screening and my 9 year old daughter was enthralled. The movie was only shot in 2D which was a relief to me because those glasses on my children can be more of a bother. The animation was so good that at one point, I had to remind myself that they were not little people in costumes walking through the desert.
Rango (voiced by Johnny Depp) starts his journey as an ordinary pet chameleon in a glass tank moving with his owners when he is suddenly bounced out of the car and into a wild west adventure. He wanders through the desert in search of water and stumbles upon a town called Dirt, which is facing a serious drought. Since Rango has always had the flair for the dramatic, he decides to reinvent himself in a place where no one knows him and ends up being so convincing at playing a tough guy that the towns creatures make him the Sheriff.
The crooked tortoise mayor (voiced by Ned Beatty) has seized water supply and is building his own corrupt group of outlaws. Rango’s love interest is a lizard (voiced by Isla Fisher) who fights to keep her father’s dried up farm and the villain, Rattlesnake Jake (voiced by Bill Nighy) is so slimy and scary even I was caught up in Rango’s fight to release the town from his evil grip.
B021411A-0494.jpgLike many of Director Gore Verbinski’s movies (he and Depp teamed up for three of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies), there are parts of the movie that were on a little bit of the bizarre side. At one point, Rango has an encounter with the Spirit of the West (Timothy Olyphant) in a strange poncho collecting metal trash. Rango asks him, “Is this heaven?” to which the Spirit responses “If this was heaven, kid, we’d all be eating Pop-Tarts with Kim Novak.” For parents it’s a head scratcher but for kids it doesn’t even make the radar. The Spirit of the West does lead Rango to discover the source of the water problem and working with the other desert creatures (I’m not sure if they were moles) to restore the town. Take a look…

In theaters March 4th, Rango is a great way to ease your kids into a classic western and it’s a fun adventure for a normal house pet. That reminds me, I better keep an eye on my hamster.
To find a theater nearest you, visit the Rango website.