I recently got the chance to tackle an important topic on ABC News’ “Real Moms Get Real” with JuJu Chang. As someone who frequently bribes (ie. incentivizes) her children to get dressed and load and unload the dishwasher, I try not to cross the line by making every request a bribe.
What makes things more difficult is when you dangle technology in front of your kids’ faces to keep them quiet when you’re in need of a break or occupied when your in the car and their driving you to the point of insanity.

During the segment, host JuJu Chang confessed her technological bribery sins and I raised my hand admitting I too, have resorted to monetary gifts to my kids for performing menial tasks around the house. Also on hand was psychologist and author Sherry Turkle who warned of the dangers of bribing our kids with technology. Turkle is the author of the new best seller, Alone Together. Take a look…
Bribing vs. Rewarding
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Bribing vs. Incentives – Part II

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