Qwiki, a new site still in alpha, is revamping online learning. A visit to the homepage tells you that “Qwiki Knows Millions of Thing” and prompts you to “Enter a Topic” such as your hometown or favorite actor. The possibilities are endless.
Let’s see what Qwiki has to say about New York City:

Pretty slick right? Try clicking around… the “Qwiki” is completely interactive. You can stop the presentation at anytime and get more information about a specific image or video. Also, since the site is still in alpha, they encourage users to help improve the content via the “Improve This Qwiki” button above each Qwiki. The best part? It’s free! Anyone can access Qwiki’s current database of over 3 million topics.
If you’re thinking that the kids might like this… we agree! Which is why, starting today, we’ll be sharing a daily educational Qwiki for kids. Share your comments with us below -we’d love to hear what the whole family thinks.
Qwiki of the Day: Amelia Earhart
Not only was Amelia Earhart the first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean, she was also an author and equal rights advocate. Her mysterious disappearance during a highly publicized flight around the world is still cause for speculation and curiosity.
Here’s more:

View Amelia Earhart and over 3,000,000 other topics on Qwiki.

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