Hot off the presses is our latest edition of Project You! Check it out with contributions from some of our favorite writers, including Melissa Chapman, Jessica Bern, Sarah Peppel, Julie Pron, Maria Colaco, Patrica Walters-Fischer and many more!

Our Valentine’s issue is all about celebrating your passions – with your family, on the career front, through charity and of course, in the bedroom. We’ve got a stellar array of features lined up this issue, including an interview with feature film dynamo and mom Sigourney Weaver. We’ve got a Valentine’s wish list for women from relationship author and lifestyle expert Matt Titus; Married My Sugar Daddy’s Melissa Chapman shares her secrets to keep the spark alive in your marriage – even after you’ve been together for more than a decade. The gals at Partybluprints once again serve up some romantic plans for two and Take Back the Kitchen’s Alma Schneider will have us all salivating with her delicious chocolate cheesecake recipe.
We’re also going to be following the story of writer Patricia Walters-Fischer, who after ballooning to more than 200 pounds, is determined to finally get her body back. As we track Patricia’s progress, I’m sure many of us will be able to relate to letting our waist lines fall by the way side once we became moms. Plus, we’ve got a bittersweet story about what it was like for Genesis Moments Sarah Peppel to send her daughters back to the classroom after homeschooling.
Our resident dad, Eric Ruhalter is back with a KidDictionary definition and Valentine’s anecdote than any husband can relate to. And, Bern This vlogger extraordinaire Jessica Bern will have you laughing until your sides hurt as she shares her story about getting the chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day again – six years after her divorce.
If you want to look like a million bucks this Valentine’s Day, then we’ve got fabulous must have shopping items from New York Mom, Maria Colaco along with some important beauty tips I gleaned while “Getting Gorgeous.” We even have music that’ll put you in the mood by DJ Chris Bro. And of course, our incredible managing editor Jeanne Muchnick dishes in this issue about her “Married Crush” and brings us to tears again with the story of how walking played a pivotal role in helping Jeanne and her sister patch their lives back together after they lost their incredibly active mom to breast cancer.
If you’re a new mom in desperate need of a vacation, Traveling Mom shares some great tips to keep babies entertained on a long flight and if you decide to leave the kids at home, I’ve got a few suggestions for some of my favorite girlfriend getaways. For those of you who can’t hit the road, Just Precious writer Julie Pron offers some great tips on how you can still carve out some “Me Time” right in your own home. Whatever your passion is this time of year, it’s time to light a fire, reignite your relationships and get motivated!