iStock_000011682758Small.jpgI’ve been watching the news all morning and was just informed that Punxsutawny Phil managed to come out of his home and did not see his shadow (obviously, since there hasn’t been any sun in weeks) and so, Spring will be coming early this year. One can only hope. In the meantime, here on the east coast, our driveway is a sheet of ice, our home looks like the Superman ice fortress and there’s so much snow on our roof that we’re afraid it may cave in at any moment. Spring is coming early? Seriously? It can’t come soon enough.
If you’re in the same boat as we are, here are some tips to keep your your home safe and your family entertained while you and your brood hibernate until March.
1. Remove the screens from your windows. We learned this one the hard way when the screen in our daughter’s room became coated in a sheet of thick ice and then started leaking into her room. If you haven’t removed your screens and they’re not covered in ice, take them out or risk water damage!
2. Purchase Roof Melt! If your roof is covered in snow and ice, you can buy “Roof Melt,” a salt substance that looks like hockey pucks that you can throw on your roof and it will help melt the snow. If the ice is so thick it appears to be damaging your gutters, then call a roofer and have them chip out the ice. I’ve been watching news reports about numerous roofs that have caved in as a result of the heavy snow and ice – better safe than sorry!
3. Do Not Drive!!! Whether you have a teen driver in your home who is antsy to get out of the house or if you’re a seasoned driver with more than two to three decades of driving under your belt, it is not worth it to attempt to navigate the icy roads. Even if you think you have a handle on the wheel, you can never predict whether there are unskilled drivers on the road and driving on ice is absolutely unpredictable and scary! And if you want to find out more about how to protect yourself on the road, then you will definitely want to attend our safe driving event next Wednesday at the White Plains Library.
4. Exercise! If you’re trapped indoors, don’t just veg out on the couch. Take at least one hour out of your schedule to get your heart pumping. Whether you can workout with your Wii or XBox, turn on the music and dance or turn on FitTV, get moving and get motivated…Springtime is right around the corner…we promise! Here’s another great exercise tip – SHOVEL SNOW! A great calorie burner!
5. Watch GroundHog’s Day on Cable. The perfect comedy to watch when your kids’ school is closed, they’ve got nothing to do and it’s officially GroundHog’s Day. Always love seeing Bill Murray as an egocentric news reporter who must re-live the same day every day until he finally falls in love and learns to appreciate life.

So there you have it. Stay warm, don’t drive, get moving and watch a movie. Hope to see you when the sun starts shining again!
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