Ask Single Mom Walking

iStock_000009495414XSmall.jpgDear Single Mom Walking:
I read an article recently that said that most men tend to break up with their girlfriends around Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Sadly, this just happened to me, as well. My question is how could someone be so mean, couldn’t they at least wait an extra week?
Cupid is Stupid
Dear Cupid is Stupid:
Would you put a down payment on a house when you know you have no intention of living in it?
I only ask because you see, men look at gifts as an investment in their relationship. In their minds, they want to get something for their money. Translation: give a gift, get a love job, end of story. Now, if they are no longer interested in spending time with you, in their minds, at least, it would then make perfect sense to make their exit right at the moment when they are expected to put more money down.
It stinks, I know. I don’t blame you for being broken hearted. Valentine’s Day is a tough one. Around Christmas time, life sucks anyway, so getting dumped at the time would be crappy but certainly not worse than trying to find something nice to buy for every member of your family while having to stay within a twenty dollar gift budget and I’m not talking “per person” here.
Frankly, if it were up to me I’d make it a rule that on Valentine’s Day one is limited to giving cards only. I once told a boyfriend of mine that all I wanted was for him to write down what having me in his life meant to him. I will say that it freaked him out so much he ended up taking me out to an amazing dinner and promising that I would never have to meet any member of his family if I didn’t want to. I’m not stupid, so at the same time, I managed to slip in how important it was for me to have a clean house and if I recall correctly, he offered to pay for a housekeeper to come every Monday for the following six months.
Cross my heart, asking for the card was heartfelt. Seriously. I am the type of person that could hear my significant other tell me he loves me all the time but the last time I checked, most men would feel more comfortable having their balls spanked.
However, the one thing I have learned is that my significant other can also be just me. I’ve had many a Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and birthday where it is me celebrating me and believe it or not, I ended up treating myself a whole lot better on those occasions than pretty much any man I’d ever dated. Plus, on those nights when I went home and slept with me, when I woke up in the morning I knew I’d still be there and that I was most definitely not pregnant.
See, it ain’t all bad? You just have to look for the silver lining and I promise you, you’ll feel a lot better.
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jessica bern 724 (1).JPGJessica Bern is a single mother to a 7yr old girl, a money sucking dog named Teddy and the ex wife of a man who left her for his mother. She writes at, where you she blogs all about it and where you can watch the Bernthis web series she created about a neurotic woman’s journey through her weekly visits to her therapist’s office. She also spends some of her time giving out sex/dating advice over at and has worked her vlogging magic with, Kodak and Seventh Generation.
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Celebrity Valentine’s Memories

As I sit here wearing the special heart necklace my son bought for me this year from his Valentine’s Day boutique, the ladies of “The Talk” share some priceless memories:
Q. What was the best Valentine’s Day gift you ever received from your kids?
Sharon: When my kids were about 10, 11 & 12 years-ole they made me these beautiful hand-painted hearts and wrote on them all the reasons why they loved me.
Q. What was the best Valentine’s Day gift you ever received from your husband, Ozzy Osbourne?
Sharon: A ruby ring.
Q. Describe your most romantic Valentine’s Day?
Sharon: On one particular Valentine’s Day, Ozzy took me to Fatburger hamburger stand in LA and afterwards gave me the ruby ring.
Q. What are your Valentine’s Day plans this year?
Sharon: My husband will be away so I will be spending Valentine’s Day with my children.
Q. What was your most memorable Valentine’s Day event:
Leah: The most memorable Valentine’s Day is when I made plans for me and my family and three other couples with kids and we went to a restaurant all dressed up and celebrated with them.
Q. Best Valentine’s Day gift you ever received from your husband?
Julie: An unexpected watch one year cause we don’t always exchange gifts for this day.
Q. What are your Valentine’s Day plans this year?
Julie Dinner for 2 at a new restaurant that we haven’t been to yet.
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Valentine’s Day Top 10 Gifts

iStock_000011547224XSmall.jpgYes, we know the big day is here but if you’re like us, you probably still haven’t picked up a gift for your significant other!  But have no fear, relationship expert and author Matt Titus offers his top 10 gifts for Valentine’s Day that’ll melt any woman’s heart.  And ladies, if you’re reading this, please feel free to share with your partner – they can even print it out and take it with them!   

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