Snow Day: Tips to Keep Kids Busy

Thumbnail image for kids_snowmen.gifIt sure is a snowy winter so far! If you live somewhere that’s not cold, wet and white, then I am jealous and you should go outside and enjoy it! When you are stuck in the house with a six year old and a three year old, you have to get creative. I am not at all the “Martha Stewart” type, however I have some helpful tips to make the day fly by. Arts and crafts time is a must and I usually rely on the pre-packaged kits. I love the Melissa and Doug decorate-your-own Crafts. Most are $9.99 and under, they keep the kids busy for a while and they can proudly display the finished product. I like to keep a bunch in my basement for these type of days.

Next, I recommend some board games so they don’t get bored (ok, bad joke). Our new favorite is The Best of Charades for Kids. You act out different items from the cards provided and move your piece around the board when others guess correctly. It’s fun for kids of all ages and adults too!

Then, bundle them up and get them outside! Bribe them with some extra allowance and get them shoveling (with some play time thrown in). When they come inside it’s all about the hot chocolate. I make it with milk and let them add the chocolate and of course the marshmallows!
They should be nice and tired now from the snow angels and snowball fights. A perfect time to wind down with a good movie and a snack. Toy Story 3 is great to own! Amazon now has it on sale…

The bottom line… be safe, stay warm and have fun!