Cool or Hot?

Essie-Merino-Cool nails.jpgI wouldn’t say I was the trendiest person… but I do like to know about the latest trends, especially when it comes to nail polish! Back in my “former life”, before kids and working hard long days in corporate America, I would always treat myself to a weekly manicure. My hands always looked great. There was a manicure place across the street from my apartment called Jay’s Nails and after going there every week without fail for eight years Jay and I were close friends!
Now, with two little kids and work and just life in general, my manicures are few and far between! So when I do get a chance to run to the manicure place I have a hard time deciding what color to put on because I want it to be good and I need it to last! I like to ask the ladies at Sophia’s Nails what the popular colors are. A few months ago they recommended Essie’s “Merino Cool” and after trying to decide if I loved it or hated it, I fell in LOVE with it! I even bought it so I could touch it up and do it myself. I even put it on my toes! I can’t even tell you how many people complimented my nails. Complete strangers would stop me and ask what color I was wearing! I was so excited to have MY color and not have to think about it when I get my manicure.
But then I went to get a manicure for New Years Eve and when I sat down with my bottle of Merino Cool the woman said “try this, it’s very nice and popular… Essie’s Smokin’ Hot”. What to do?? Do I dare!? Well, it was New Years Eve and even though I was going to a party with my kids at least my hands could look hot… so I went for it. It’s a little darker than I’m used to, but thumbs up! Now I have two colors to choose from. I can be cool or hot! If you are looking for a great color nail polish this winter, try Essie’s Merino Cool or Smokin’ Hot!
s h nails.jpg