Fave 5 Dates with Girlfriends

If you live on the east coast, you are probably knee deep in that Calgon take me away moment where you’re sick of seeing snow, tired of bundling up and dreaming of a taking a trip far, far away. In the background of your daydream, you probably have one child calling your name asking you for juice, another telling you her nose is running and your spouse wondering if you’ve made the morning coffee. I say, it’s high time to pack up your stresses, call your best girlfriends and take a break. Whether it’s a girl’s night out or a getaway to a warm destination, here are some of our fave fives:
1. The Breakers in Palm Beach – Now this option is for those of us who have relatives in Florida and can fly our kids down to our parents, leave them for a few days and then head over to a lush resort where can can be pampered in the spa, relax on the beach with a great book and swim or lounge by the pool. It’s so quiet at the Breakers that you could hear a pin drop.
2. A One Night Stay or Weekend Getaway at the Ritz Carlton, Peninsula or Four Seasons – Once again, this can be a break the bank kind of experience, but trust me when I tell you, one night in a luxurious hotel and you will feel completely rejuvenated. From the pillow top feather beds, the chocolate mints under the pillows, unbelievable spas and top of the line service, there is nothing that comes close to spending a night at a five star hotel resort. For me, I love hitting a fancy hotel from time to time so that I can get design tips for my bathroom. I found out a while ago that most bathroom trends start at hotels so grab a notebook and check out the mosaic tiles! Incidentally, you can head to the Bahamas, Cancun, Puerto Rico, Cabo – no matter your destination, the key is to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with your friends.
3. Dinner, Movie or a Show: Share an entree and appetizer with your best girlfriend and then get two tickets to a show that your partner would never see. Or, a double feature tear jerker at the movies. I can’t tell you how many times I want to go see a film and my husband turns me down because it’s a chick flick. Check out my recent night out with a close friend friend.
4. Moms Night In: Send the kids over to someone else’s house where the dad’s are on duty and transform your home into a shopping palace. One of my good friends throws the best Mom’s Night In parties complete with jewelry, handbags and scarves to purchase. Plus, there are passion parties, food parties (each guest brings their own dish), margarita parties, Pampered Chef cookware parties, jeans parties or you can all chip in for food, bring wine and call it a day. Make sure you carpool and have a designated driver!
5. 4 Day Getaways – Lastly, if you have several days to spare, then pack your bags and hit the skies for a one of a kind experience complete with fine dining, health and wellness menu, fitness plans and more. Some of our recommendations include: Villa Group Resorts (properties in Cabo, Riviera Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun), Canyon Ranch in Tuscon, Miami and the Berkshires or and Cal a Vie in San Diego.
No matter your Thelma and Louise adventure, make 2011 the year that you grab your best girlfriend, pack a bag and take time for yourself. By the time you get back, your kids and husband will be thrilled to see you and you won’t get as annoyed when someone asks to get them Nyquil at 3 am.