Trends: All about the Owl

owlring.jpg Have you noticed those two big owl eyes staring at you wherever you go? Well you should have. Owls are everywhere! Don’t worry, live owls haven’t all flown away from their tree holes… They are pretend owls and they are the new hot trend! They can be found on all types of jewelry- rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watches and pins. They are all over clothing. It’s cute and colorful on little kid’s clothing and cool on teen’s clothing like crop tops, especially with some sequins. It can even have a sophisticated look for women, and if you think you can get away with it, I say go for it! If a big owl on your shirt is not your style but you still want to be a part of the trend, try a cute bag like a tote or a scarf with an owl on it!
You can find these items at most of your local boutiques and department stores.
owl bag.jpg