KOOBLI To The Rescue!

koobli-300x236.jpegIt happens to the best of us…you are about to leave for work and your baby or kid gets his/her breakfast all over your clean suit! You are all dressed up for a night out and your kids hug you goodbye with hands covered in paint! Lucky for us, we just found out about a product that’ll save you and your dry cleaning bill Koobli to the rescue!
Introducing koobli, the first easy-to-wear unisex garment designed exclusively to protect clothes from spills and stains associated with mealtimes, playtimes and other household messes you or your child can find a way to get into. Made from 100% micro polyester suede woven, koobli is lightweight and breathable, water and stain resistant, flame retardant and machine washable. It is the ideal solution for a host of potential everyday messes, including arts & crafts projects, eating in the car, feeding your pets and watering your plants.
Available in blueberry or cherry, koobli comes in two sizes – small/medium and large/extra large. It has two large pockets (handy for carrying pacifiers, bottles, baby food jars or small toys) and features elastic cuff protection at the wrists and a high collar with a Velcro fastener at the back of the neck.
koobli is the brainchild of mother and entrepreneur Dr. Lisa Belzberg and her business partner, Erin Pace. To prepare for the launch of koobli, the pair conducted focus groups, met with parents and listened to their many stories of how they – often futilely – have tried to protect their clothes and uniforms from the unpredictability of their little ones.
The perfect holiday gift for parents and caregivers, koobli retails for $25.00 and is available for purchase at www.koobli.com.