The 411: Donny and Marie on Broadway

Donny & Marie A Broadway Christmas.jpgThis week, I got the chance to see “Donny and Marie A Christmas Broadway,” compliments of Nutrisystem (one of the major sponsors of the show). While the show started off with a few classic holiday numbers, we got to see Marie and Donny at their best – singing everything from country, classic Broadway, rock, swing, jazz and more. Plus, since both competed on “Dancing with the Stars” (Donny won and Marie came in third), they also had several dance numbers throughout the show that were highly entertaining – especially one of the last songs where the pair have a dance off and Marie, clearly comes out on top.
Speaking of Marie, she looks absolutely gorgeous – thanks to Nutrisystem and I’m sure a tough workout schedule. She must have had at least 10 costume changes during the show (my favorite was the black dress she wore during one of the last dance numbers). Plus, her vocal range is absolutely amazing. She and Donny had separate opportunities to showcase their individual talents and Marie was incredible – switching from Broadway dress.jpgto country to Opera in a matter of minutes (and changing costumes along the way). Marie also shared that she recently released a new CD, I Can Do This and plans to donate the proceeds from the sales of the CD to the Children’s Miracle Network, in honor of her son who had battled depression and committed suicide last year.
Following an unbelievable opera performance by Marie, Donny then came out on stage singing one of my favorite pop numbers “Soldier of Love.” He then performed a Stevie Wonder medley and took us on a trip down memory lane singing some of his most popular hit songs of the 70’s (including “Puppy Love,” “One Bad Apple” and “Crazy Horses.”)
If you’re in the mood for a show that’s entertaining for the entire family, then trust me when I tell you that Donny & Marie’s Broadway Christmas show will absolutely fit the bill. At the end of the show, I even got the chance to briefly meet the pair and they were incredibly gracious, posing for photos with fans and signing autographs. Sadly, my camera didn’t capture my one shot with Donny but trust me, it happened – he even said he liked my Sanyo camera! Thanks to Jennifer Wagner at Connect with Your Teens who luckily caught a glimpse of me and Donny on her Flip!
Picture 104.png
I then raced out of the theater to catch my train and thankfully, since I was famished, the folks at Nutrisystem gave us one of Marie’s favorite treats – a chocolate peppermint patty – which is absolutely delish I might add. So all in all, while I didn’t get a chance to capture my experience on film, trust me it was a night to remember.
Disclosure: I received complimentary tickets to see Donny and Marie on Broadways. The views expressed in this blog are strictly my own.