Travel Sanity Savers

There’s something to be said about spending the holidays close to home but if you happen to be traveling with kids in tow, we’ve got a few great suggestions on what to pack so that your kids are entertained and your back is not strained when you’re attempting to get through airport security.
If you’re a new parent, all I can say is I’ve been there and feel your pain. What with the umbrella stroller, the car seat, the cheerios, formula, diapers and toys, it can truly be a nightmare navigating through an airport with a toddler or newborn. Two of our picks that’ll make traveling easier are Diaper Buds and Pish Posh Mommy – two products created by moms for moms!
diaperbuds.jpgDiaper Buds: I recently heard a story of a mom who was forced to check her carry on bag because it was stuffed with diapers and she then had to bring her baby on board without a single diaper to change her! With Diaper Buds you can fit one in your pocket! The diapers are shrink wrapped which means you can bring at least 4-5 diapers with you and they hardly take up any room in your bag!
pishposh-mommy-diaper-clutch-300x199.jpgPish Posh Mommy: There is nothing more frustrating than putting your diaper bag through the security check and they wind up confiscating your diaper cream, formula and anything else that’s not less than the 4 oz. minimum. With Pish Posh Mommy, you can actually place all your must have diaper and feeding items into a convenient carryall or a fashionable bag that you can even place inside a handbag or carryon – which means no diaper bag required!!!
My advice for this one is Less is More! My three top picks for kids:
iPod Touch – Download their favorite apps, music, TV shows and videos and they’ll be entertained for hours. My kids’ favorite free games include Pocket God and The Moron Test (ugh) which incidentally is a game that tests your knowledge.
nintendo-dsi-xl-e3.jpgNintendo Dsi XL – If you’re traveling on a long trip, this is a must-have item. It comes with built in games from Brain Age to Flip Notes, voice recorder and camera. My daughter’s favorite game for the holidays is Art Academy and Style Savvy. And my son’s – anything with the words Mario in the title. And my fave – 100 classic books that you can read right in the palm of your hand!!!
Playing Cards – Go old school, bring a deck of cards and play everything from Spit, to War to five card stud – well, maybe not the poker game, but there’s plenty of great card games that’ll keep your kids entertained for hours.