Black Friday Kids Pick: Donkey Kong Country Returns

Donkey-Kong-Country-Returns.jpgOkay parents. We know you have your list ready to go for holiday gift giving season and we want to make sure you have one important Wii Game on your kids’ radar. Get ready, because Donkey Kong Country Returns was just released on November 19 and so far, the verdict in our house has been overwhelmingly positive. My husband, who was a huge Donkey Kong fan from back in the day (that would be the early 80’s), says the game experience for him was incredible. In fact, he was thisclose to admitting that it was better than when he first started playing the game at 10 years old.
And my eight year old? Well if this is any indication, he’s been playing it for hours ever since it arrived. Plus, he had a sleepover last night and this morning, the two kids were playing together.
The cool thing about Donkey Kong Country Returns is that you play in teams and help each other to make it through the jungle. Plus, the game even has an option where you can watch Kong navigate the jungle first so that you can see the path he takes to earn the most points and then you can go back and try it yourself. And you know what that means? It’s even easy for someone like me to play.
So there you have it folks. Donkey Kong Country – put that on your holiday wish list and if you don’t want to fight the crowds on Black Friday, simply order Donkey Kong Country Returns on Amazon. Let your fingers do the clicking and you won’t get stressed out by the crowds!