The Dreamhouse That Got Away

barbie-dream-house_picture.jpgIf blogging were alive and well in the early 1980s, then this would have been the post you would have seen from my 10 year old self…
I don’t ask for much from my parents. Sure they pay for tennis lessons and singing lessons and dance lessons, but other than that, I don’t really get that many gifts. My mom told me a long time ago not to expect gifts during the holidays because in our family, ever day is a holiday. That meant that whenever we went to the mall, I’d manage to bring home an outfit from Macy’s or a purse or a pair of shoes. But when it came to toys, well that was a whole other story.
Let’s just set the record straight. While my parents are amazing and gave me everything I ever wanted, what they did not give me was the Barbie Dreamhouse. I can still remember begging my mom to buy me a furnished Barbie Dreamhouse for Chanukah. No matter how loud I whined, my mom refused to spend $199 for a dollhouse she knew I’d play with for a few months and then cast aside like Tweety, my lonely parakeet. I even was willing to give up the furnished version with the unfurnished model and was willing to pay for the furniture on a layaway plan. That suggestion was met with opposition too.
While my friends proudly showed off their furnished dreamhouses, I instead received a Barbie remote controlled Corvette along with a trailer. And I played with both items a total of one month. (I guess my mom was on to something). By the time I hit 13, I grew out of my Barbie fixation and focused my attention on the finer things in life – designer handbags. And you know what? Every time I asked for a bag, my mom never did turn me down. Who needs a dreamhouse when you can have Dooney and Bourke?