Ladies Night In Chicago with Chef Marcela

ladiesnightin.jpegI have some exciting news to share! I’m hoping you can all join me on Thursday, November 11th when I plan to get the Sauza┬« Tequila out for a Ladies Night in with Chef Marcela Valladolid from the Food Network show Mexican Made Easy, some wonderful Chicago friends and …. YOU!
Yes, you too can be part of the party because we’re streaming this live on Sauza’s Facebook page from 6:45PM CST- 8:00PM CST. Marcela will show you how to make delicious margaritas including her favorite Warm Winter Margarita as well as a few special culinary tricks. Plus you can send her your thoughts about tequila, Mexican Cuisine, general culinary questions and more to #ChiSauzaLadiesntin and she will answer them live! It’s going to be so much fun and I look forward to a ladies night in with you!

Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker Giveaway!

Thumbnail image for mr. coffeemaker.jpg I am not a morning person. Each morning I have the same routine… with my eyes half closed I somehow manage to get the kids dressed, fed and ready for school, pack the lunches, make the beds and dress myself, all the while sipping homemade coffee. By the time I get into the car I am amazed that my eyes are fully open and I am ready to start my day! Then there are the “bad days.”
You know those mornings where everything goes wrong and you are so rushed that you forget to make the coffee?!? Those days I may as well call it quits because it will be hard to get anything done. I just NEED that cup of coffee in the morning in order to function properly. The people at Mr. Coffee feel my pain and have put together a hilarious video to show what can happen when you don’t have your morning coffee. Take a look…

Don’t let this happen to you… be a proud owner of a brand new Mr. Coffeemaker! To enter leave a comment below and make sure to include your e-mail address! A winner will be chosen at random.