Secretariat is a Winner

Diane Lane Plays the Ultimate Role Mommy in this perfect film family film…
secr_wp13_pre.jpgWe recently took our kids to see the pre-release of Disney feature films, “Secretariat” and the consensus was that it was one of the most inspiring and exciting films we’ve seen in years.
Based on the true story of Secretariat owner Penny Chenery Tweedy (portrayed in the film by the incredible Diane Lane), I instantly found myself rooting for this housewife and mom of four who manages to reignite her own dreams while attempting to save her father’s horse farm.
John Malkovich is his usual off-center, irreverent self as Secretariat’s horse trainer Lucien and the races themselves got the audience in our theater so excited that we literally clapped every time “Big Red” (that was his real name) won a race. And here’s a cool tidbit that took place while we were watching the film. An elderly woman was sitting next to me and while we were watching Secretariat about to compete at the Belmont Stakes in a bid to win the triple crown, she told me she was actually there that day and saw the race! Check out the trailer below and trust me when the film opens in theaters next week, you will love it!

Make sure you look through stands during the Belmont race too – Penny Chenery Tweedy, who is now 87, makes a cameo. What I can say about this film is that it is truly an inspiration to mothers. It shares a powerful message that while you may put your own passions on hold while raising a family, it is never too late to try again. It was incredibly impressive to see how even in the early 1970’s Penny Chenery Tweedy received the support of her four children – (her husband, however, took a little bit longer to come around) – and it was even more exciting to watch how proud her daughters were of their mom’s accomplishments (and she never stopped cheering them on – even while Secretariat was literally on the fast track). And as a daughter of a woman who accomplished a great deal in her lifetime, I know first hand what it’s like to be raised by a mom who inspired me to do what I love while she did the same.
Secretariat makes its official release in theaters October 8 – and trust me when I tell you, this is a wonderful film that your entire family will enjoy. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (my kids kept checking if I was shedding any tears) and you will literally want to stand up on your feet as Secretariat races to each finish line.