Nintendo Art Academy Review

Artsy_264.jpgRecently, my kids and I got to attend a really cool event at the Whitney museum in New York City hosted by the folks at Nintendo in anticipation of the release of their latest DS game Nintendo Art Academy. If you ever wondered how artists develop a sketch into a full fledged painting, then this is the ideal game for you.
There are 10 art lessons included in the game that offer step by step instructions on sketching, shading, painting and more. Plus, you can even take a picture with the Dsi camera and transform it into a black and white image and then re-create it in free hand. Take a look…

art-academy-screen-500x457.jpgPlus, there are incredible gallery photos that are included with Art Academy that you can also re-create – I happen to love the penguins but my daughter opted for a shot of a cute dog and proceeded to turn the image into a black and white version, added a grid over it and then started to create her own picture.
Art Gallery is so intricate that the lessons even offer suggestions on what pencils and paint brushes you should use while crafting your piece. Check out this video featuring a children’s book illustrator who got the chance to try out Art Academy and highly recommends it to budding artists.

As someone who has always loved art but struggled to re-create anything except a Snoopy or Charlie Brown caricature, I really enjoyed taking the art lessons and actually being able to re-create images and photos. Plus, here’s the best part of Art Academy – you can paint to your hearts content and never make a mess!
Art Academy retails for $19.99 and is available in stores beginning this week.