Alicia Keys Names Baby Boy Egypt

keys_1740679c.jpgWhat’s in a name anyway? A lot say our friends at Baby Name Wizard who I’m sure have a lot to say about singer Alicia Keys recently naming her baby boy after a middle eastern country.
I remember when I was wracking my brain contemplating what to name my daughter, the names of countries, continents and cities never entered my brain. We had decided to go with a traditional name – Rebecca and then went a little creative with her middle name – Drew – (because I love Drew Barrymore). My son’s name also went the cool/traditional route – Dylan Jacob. But never once did I think about naming them Scarsdale, or Mesopotamia or Yonkers for that matter.
So what is it with celebrities naming their kids after countries and continents? I guess Egypt is an interesting name. There’s no nickname to that one though so this little guy will always be known as Egypt. What kind of job can a kid like Egypt get. Financial planner? Nope. Doctor? No way. Lawyer? Think again. The only thing Egypt is destined for is rock star, rapper, actor, model or fashion designer.
It’s funny. When we were thinking of naming our son, I initially wanted to call him Jack but when we thought of the last name – Feldman all we could think of was an 80 year old man in Florida ordering an early bird special. So Jack Feldman was squashed.
I wonder whether Alicia Keys and her partner belabored as much as we did over naming their child. Did one of them want to name the kid Madagascar while the other opted for Egypt? Were there any other countries in the running? And why Egypt? Do they have ancestors there? Was he conceived there? Is it just cool and nobody else’s kids’ name is Egypt? I guess one will never know.
Nonetheless – what’s the weirdest baby name you’ve ever heard? And what’s the coolest? Is it just celebrities who lay claim to unique baby names? Share your story and enter to win an annual subscription to the brand new Baby New Wizard expert program – which features all kinds of cool options for finding the perfect baby name. Make sure you comment with your email address though!