The Sisterhood of the Chocolate Stained Pants

chocolate_mousse.jpgIn the never-ending saga of my busy schedule wreaking havoc upon my favorite clothes, I have quite the stain confession to share with you this week. You see, for the record, I know I do way too many things at the same time. Friends and colleagues constantly tell me, “I don’t know how you do it! You are always working on so many things at once…how do you keep all those balls in the air?” Well, the answer dear readers is simple.
I keep the balls in the air out in public. But when I’m back in my car or in my house or frantically searching for an outfit to wear from my incredibly cluttered closet, I am a complete mess. Take last week. After hosting an amazing Ladies Night In event with the fabulous gals at Partybluprints, I had arranged for a company called WeDriveU to provide a driver for my car so I wouldn’t have to navigate the confusing highways of New Jersey by my lonesome and so I could continue working to and from the event. In my former life, I would have napped. Sadly, in my current life, I am texting 24/7.
Since I didn’t get a chance to eat much while I was working, I decided to take a container of food back to the car along with a cup of dark chocolate mousse. And so, I planted myself in the passenger seat while my driver followed the GPS instructions on how to get out of Basking Ridge in the pouring rain.
Too embarrassed to actually eat my dessert (I know, I have issues), I decided instead to rest it next to me while I spent the next half hour returning the emails I had missed that day. And then it happened. Forgetting that the mousse was still my seatmate, I shifted over and the contents oozed out of the cup and landed all over my pants and my upholstered chair (curses for not ordering the leatherette seat package). If only I had eaten my dessert back at the house, this never would have happened.
The next day, when I was loading my kids into the car to take them to school, the entire place reeked from dark chocolate mixed with my driver’s cologne. And my pants? Oh, what did I do to my poor pants – chocolate stains everywhere!
Thankfully, the folks at Wisk sent me their new Stain Spectrum detergent – which I plan to use this week to de-chocolatize my black pants. But before I apply it to my clothes, my trustee helper in the video below (my daughter) reveals how the new and improved Wisk can instantly remove pesky grass stains. Good to know since we have 21 innings of baseball and softball scheduled this weekend. Looks like I’m going to have a field day in the laundry room…

Disclosure: I received monetary compensation for this post. However, the reviews and opinions expressed are strictly my own.