P.A.C.K. Those Lunches

Tired of packing the same lunch for your kid every day? Role Mommy contributor Danielle offers a new alternative with the help of Welch’s!
PACK_Week_banner_b.jpgNow that we are officially back at school and in the swing of things, the novelty of packing my kid’s lunches has definitely worn off. With a picky 6 year old and 3 year old it’s so hard for me to come up with exciting lunch options each day, especially healthy ones. I need help! That’s where the Welch’s Pack Assorted Colors for Kids Program (P.A.C.K) comes in. This is a national healthy-eating program that not only encourages children to eat more colorful fruits and vegetables, but gives them (and you!) the tools to help make it all a little easier. I think it’s great to have my kids involved in the process and the site helps spark great ideas.
Each day of P.A.C.K is assigned a color (Monday is purple/blue, Tuesday is white/tan/brown, etc). Ask your kids to choose corresponding fruits and vegetables to “pack” in their lunch or snack on that specific day. The Welch’s Pack website has everything you need to get your whole family involved.
This interactive site offers parents and kids tons of downloadable information, printable posters and signs to hang at home, word games, coloring sheets and more.