Back at School Old Navy Fashion Show

Now that fashion week has passed and all the hoopla over those fancy shmancy designers has died down, it’s time to get down to business. This time of year, I’m not as concerned about my own wardrobe (still trying to shed mucho lbs. I packed on from the summer) when it comes to fall clothes, it’s all about my kids. Thankfully, just in time for their return to school, the folks at Old Navy sent me a gift card so that I could try out their new offerings and tell them what I thought.
The day we decided to go shopping, it was as if we had hit the lottery. You see, I managed to purchase clothes for my kids and my husband and it turned out that on that particular afternoon, they were offering a 30% discount on all purchases! Which means I spent about $150 total for a boatload of clothes and my husband thought we had experienced the deal of the century. Rock on.
Back to the kids. There are two things I love about Old Navy – their clothes are trendy, yet affordable. And this year, their t-shirt line features some of my son’s favorite teams. Take a look at our home fashion show – and hope you get a chuckle or two or three…

Old Navy Back At School Fashions from beth Feldman on Vimeo.

Disclosure: I received a $100 gift card from Old Navy so that I could purchase items at the store and offer my honest opinions.