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j0422156.jpgI hope you enjoyed my last “Organized Mom” blog, encouraging you to get your kids and family on board with household responsibilities. I have to share with you an example of how beneficial it is to delegate household responsibilities to your kids.
After a day spent mostly in the car running errands and attending meetings, I came home to a messy kitchen, un-mowed lawn, a pile of unfolded laundry on the floor, dirty base boards and dinner not made yet. I pondered, just for a moment, how I was going to get it all done and recharge my batteries for the evening. Like I said, it was just a minute of pondering… and then things again became clear, my kids.
I quickly called a meeting to order and delegated immediate tasks to each child. One son took the lawn, another took the dishes and the youngest took wiping down the baseboards. I got stuck with the laundry.
What would have taken me all night was done in a few hours. Not only did my entire family have free time to do whatever, my boys (who may one day be future husbands) learned that their help is required and needed to run and manage a home. This is something for which I am sure my future daughter-in-law will be thankful.
One of the best ways to organize chores for the kids is to decide what days your child will do them. If they are busy throughout the weekdays with sports or other activities, then maybe the weekend would be better. However, your child may have plenty of time during the weekdays. In our household, my kids wanted the weekends off, just like I did. Hmmm… somehow that does not actually happen for me. ☺
During my boys’ elementary school years, we decided to have one chore per child per day with the weekends off. To make it clear, we did not consider making their beds, brushing their teeth or picking up their rooms a chore. Those tasks were just cleaning up after themselves.
On Mondays, our oldest son would clean up after our dog in the backyard. Tuesdays, he would match clean socks from the laundry. On Wednesdays he would dust. Thursdays were clean the bathroom day; and Fridays, he would gather the trash and set it out. It’s wonderful to me when I see my boys helping out around the home. This allows me to have more time to get other more important projects completed and organized.
Once you decide when and what chores your child will do, post a chore schedule. Keep the same schedule anywhere from 3-6 months, so that your child will learn to master that chore and it becomes habitual as to what they have to do each day. If you have multiple children, rotate chores out every 3-6 months, so eventually everyone will learn how to do everything.
For a no cost way to create a chore chart, try these websites: Cards and Chart Jungle.
Now Go and Delegate!
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