The Orlandos Hit Amelia Island

amelia_island.gifThere’s something that I just love about my good friend and fellow blogging mom, Kim Orlando. She is one of the most adventurous women I know. While I can go on a trip and enjoy reading my kindle and sipping margaritas by the pool, Kim on the other hand will bike for 39 thousand miles and cruise for shark teeth on the beach. And so, when she asked me to check out her latest adventure, I have to say – I couldn’t wait to see how Kim and her family vacation without technology.
You see, Kim’s one caveat for the family was that they give up their phones for 24 hours so they could re-connect. Uh oh. Looks like if I head out on a trip with Traveling Mom, she might do the same thing to me! Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Take a look – I’m sure you’ll enjoy what you see. And if you’d like to find out more about Kim’s trip and how to book your own family vacation to Amelia Island, visit her at Traveling Mom.

Care to share you family vacation adventure? We’d love to hear your stories!