“Despicable Me” Star Jason Segel Chats with Moms

Role Mommy West Coast correspondent, Kristin Flannery, gets the chance to interview the cast of the 3D animated summer film “Despicable Me.” First up…Jason Segel!
Jason Segel2.jpgThanks to RoleMommy, I got the chance to attend the press junket for “Despicable Me” which will be released in theaters this Friday, July 9. I had an exciting day, meeting the films’ stars Steve Carrell, Jason Segel, Julie Andrews and Miranda Cosgrove and this week, I get to share my entire experience with you!
First up was the adorable, Jason Segel. In “Despicable Me,” he plays against his traditional lovable loser roles (“Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” “How I Met Your Mother”) and instead, voices Gru’s (Steve Carrell) arch nemesis, Vector. The nerdy Vector, outfitted in an orange warm-up suit, is way too geeky to be this cocky, as he plays video games in his heavily guarded fortress while plotting his next evil move.
This was Segel’s first animated film and he was excited for the chance to tap into his geeky side when he developed the voice for Vector. Segel had wanted to play a villain for quite a while and believes bad guys have always been the most compelling characters in films (he says Dracula is misunderstood). Despite his evil nature, Segel adds that Vector is completely insecure as he sets out to impress his mean-spirited dad, who happens to run the Evil Bank in town that loans cash to bad guys so they can fund their dastardly deeds. Recalling his favorite childhood films, Segel says he’s always loved the idea of making kids feel like they can accomplish anything.
Segel also reveals that growing up, he was an odd kid who wore a Superman cape until he was 12 years old, even slipping it on under his clothes when he went to school. His mom didn’t mind his superhero obsession, but his brother finally had enough when Segel showed up at his state championship basketball game running up and down the court in the cape. Utterly embarrassed and annoyed, Jason’s brother told him it was time to stop (or he would kick his a**).
Take a listen to the complete interview with Jason Segel – “Despicable Me’s” Vector – and yes ladies… he’s single!
Check out the trailer and get ready for summer movie fun this July 9! More interviews to come!!!