Miranda Cosgrove Chats with Role Mommy

Miranda Cosgrove 2.jpgDuring the “Despicable Me” press junket, we got the chance to sit down with Nickelodeon sensation Miranda Cosgrove. Accompanied by her incredibly sweet mom, Miranda talked about growing up in front of audiences – from “School of Rock,” to “Drake & Josh” and now the hugely successful “iCarly,” Miranda was excited to tackle something new and shares what it what it was like being the voice of an animated character.
In “Despicable Me,” Miranda plays the eldest of three orphans, Margo, who is naturally protective of her two sisters and is not afraid to challenge Gru (Steve Carell) as he tries to parent the girls. In real life, Miranda is an only child, but says she had some practice for her big sister role – offering advice and sharing sleepovers with her next door neighbor and best friend.
Miranda says she was really excited to be a part of the movie and it was different than anything she has ever done before. Working alone in a sound booth was the most challenging part of the role, but with the guidance of the director, who gave her a free pass to “go crazy,” Miranda says she was able to create a character who stands out as a tough cookie who anyone would love to have as their big sister.
Listen in to the entire chat with Miranda Cosgrove who shares more details about Despicable Me and the incredible cast, her successful singing and acting career and much more!
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Despicable Me opens in theaters nationwide July 9.