Beet Salad with Goat Cheese & Walnuts Recipe: Take Back the Kitchen

beets.jpgWhat better alternative to slaving over a hot stove than making a healthy salad packed with superfoods? Walnuts and beets are packed with nutrients and this salad with give you the energy to make it through the heat.
Beet Salad With Goat Cheese and Walnuts:
6 Medium cooked Beets
2 TBS lemon juice
1 pressed garlic clove
1/4 tsp salt
black pepper to taste
5 TBS olive oil
6 cups dark salad greens
1 scallion, thinly sliced
1/2 cup crumbled goat cheese (pasteurized if you are pregnant)
1/4 cup chopped, toasted walnuts
Trim beets by cutting off both ends. With skin on, boil beets for 40 minutes to 1 hour, until tender (stick a knife or fork in them to make sure). When tender, remove from water, let cool and the skin will peel right off. Chop the beets into a 1/4″ dice and place in a large bowl.
In a separate bowl, whisk lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper and oil. Toss beets in a few TBS of the dressing.
Right before serving, combine greens and scallions in a large bowl. Pour on most of the dressing, sprinkle with goat cheese and walnuts.
Note: You can certainly use canned beets if you do not have fresh ones readily available. Canned beets beat no beets! Also, don’t be alarmed- beets can turn your poop red! This makes a large salad but will keep for a few days (not your poop, the beets….)
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