M&M Pretzel Commercial: Things that Make You Go Yum!

While summer TV is in full swing and I’m hooked by America’s Got Talent – what can I say, between hand whistling, a tap dancing family and two funky little kids, I’m enjoying every minute of it. But imagine my surprise that I’m even finding myself cracking up in between breaks.
You’ve gotta love the copywriting geniuses who came up with this latest ad for M&M’s pretzels. Not only am I going to be searching for them tomorrow at the train station, but I’ll be thinking about this commercial every time I see it!

Have you seen a favorite commercial lately that’s had you laughing out loud (or LOL for teens and texters)? There used to be a time when I used to look forward to commercials but now, I can flick to a new channel or DVR my favorite show and fast forward through the ads. But I say, take a few minutes and enjoy the creativity, people! Some of the most talented people I know work in advertising – so give them a chance and start watching their magic on screen again.
In the meantime, if you’d like to take a trip down memory lane, then enjoy these ad blasts from the past.
I’d Like to Teach the World To Sing…

I Wish I Were an Oscar Meyer Weiner…

How Many Licks Does it Take to Get to the Center of a Tootsie Pop?

Hold the Pickel, Hold the Lettuce…

There are more where that came from but all these commercials are making me hungry.

Role Daddy: The Ice Cream Man

iStock_000009098165XSmall.jpgWhen I was a kid I LOVED the Ice cream man. I wanted to BE the ice cream man. I loved the little change counter thing he wore on his belt, the big white festive truck alight with colors and lights and menu boards chock full of tasty looking pieces of frozen heaven on sticks. And all these treats were right there at their disposal, neatly tucked away into the magical freezer chests that are all over the back of the truck. And he, the omniscient Ice cream man knows exactly which chest each of the treats live in. He’s clad head to toe in white with little accents of black around his belt and around the brim of his hat. A man in uniform. The music would play announcing his coming, like the regal entrance of a prince to his coronation. Majestic. Festive. Fun – The ice cream truck.
As a parent? I FREAKIN’ HATE the ice cream truck! HATE! HATE HATE HATE!! It’s about the biggest instigator of discord in all my family. I think he’s following me around, knows my schedule with the kids and our standard meal times and does everything he possibly can to accost us right before lunch and dinner almost every day from May through August each year. He sneaks up on us, too. You’re about to try and get your kid seated before a plate of good-for-you lightly-steamed vegetables when this truck comes darting up filled with Chipwiches. It is not complementary to the mission. It is a disaster. And I take offense to it.
I don’t like commercial entities, like the ice cream man, that subsist by pitting child against parent. They bet on the will of the children to come out ahead. That’s who they’re pandering to. If they wanted the approval of the parent they’d only come at… well, they wouldn’t come at all. And that’s not a good business model.
On top of the poor nutritional options afforded our children by the ice cream truck it’s a complete rip off. What you pay for an ice cream treat could almost buy you a whole box of the same treat at the super market. (and there’s a supermarket a block away from my house.)
Box of ice cream sandwiches 4 dollars. One ice cream sandwich from the ice cream man – $3.50
But maybe we’re paying for “the atmosphere” and the convenience of home delivery. But that still doesn’t appeal to me. Appeals like crazy to my kids evidently. But as far as I’m concerned – Hey! Ice Cream Man! I’ve got your bomb pop, right here!
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