Oprah Can You Hear Me?

While I’ve been receiving countless emails from aspiring bloggers and mompreneurs hoping they’ll be picked to host a talk show on the new OWN network, I actually considered submitting my own. I even recorded a video but it was longer than what was required (they wanted it to be 3 minutes and mine was 5). And, I also hate contests where you have to beg friends and strangers to vote for you. So I opted out of entering. And now the videos are in and they’re tallying the votes.
Since I still have my video, I figured, why not share it here where friends and family can take a look without being guilted into voting for me. If you’d like to see what I would have submitted if I pressed the upload button and took my chances, here it is.

11145-detail.jpgOn a side note, I hear that Coke is running a contest where you can win a walk on role in the Broadway version of Mary Poppins. Now that’s my kind of sweepstakes. Gotta run and buy me a case of coke so that I can belt out “It’s a Jolly Holiday” with Mary.