Fave Five Summer Reads

iStock_000012409034XSmall.jpgNow that it’s July 4th weekend, I can’t wait to dive into a novel or two while I’m at the pool or beach! Since I’ve already given several of my picks for the summer over at Lifetime Moms, if you’ve torn through those selections, here’s a few more to keep you entertained, informed and motivated this season!
1. Lift If you’ve got an hour to spare, then Kelly Corrigan’s latest book will make you smile and cry as you relate to the frustrations, fears and joys that come hand in hand with motherhood.
2. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – since I’m a self professed John Tesh fan, I take his advice whenever he recommends a good book to read and so, when I heard him tout this book as a must read, I instantly downloaded it on my Kindle and have been realizing that I’ve been thinking like a poor person all along. Time for an attitude adjustment so I can start raking in some bookoo bucks.
3. Committed – I loved Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and can’t wait to see the movie starring Julia Roberts. And so, I raced to download Gilbert’s latest book (which came out last year). Committed is an interesting read, but it does lose me a bit when she goes into what seems like a Phd dissertation on marriage. Keep me entertained with stories Elizabeth, and spare me the facts on marriage in third world countries. So be forewarned – if you’re in for a history lesson, this book is for you.
4. Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet – Since I swear by my mom’s book picks, she recommends this read that goes back and forth from the 1980’s through the 1940’s as the lead character revisits his past (he was in a Japanese internment camp) after tragically losing his wife to cancer.
5. Game Change – Another great pick by my mom. This book focuses on all the primaries leading up the election including Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin and the Race of a LIfetime. At first, my mom thought she wouldn’t be interested in it but it’s turned into a fascinating read. It keeps you glued one chapter after another because they interviewed all the people involved in the campaigns included the candidates. themselves. They even expose John Edwards relationship with his wife and Rielle Hunter! Drama, infidelity, back-stabbing and more. Reads like a novel, but it’s real!!!

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Listen in to our latest podcast featuring Kristin Flannery, our west coast Role Mommy correspondent who got the chance to attend an exclusive junket for Despicable Me. While we’re sharing the interviews with Julie Andrews, Steve Carrell, Miranda Cosgrove and Jason Segal next week, Kristin gives us a sneak peak of her experience at the Four Seasons Hotel!
Plus, we talk about all things summer and why I hate summer shorts season; great kids activities, getaways for moms and much more! Grab a cup of iced coffee and get ready to laugh.

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