Good ole Avon!

I recently received Avon Anew Reversalist Day Renewal Cream SPF 25 and the Illuminating Eye System. I’ve been wanting to try this particular line from Avon for a few reasons. I’m a total product junkie who loves anything that might possibly slow down the aging process on my face (the body is a whole different animal)! Plus the Avon name takes me back to my youth. Didn’t we all see our Mom visiting with the neighborhood Avon lady? The Reversalist line uses something called Activinol technology. Thumbnail image for Reversalist Day.jpegAfter some research, I found out that we have something called Activin (a protein) deep in layers of our skin. Activinol stimulates Activin, which is known to increase collagen. Since damage that is done below the skin when we are younger shows up on the surface as we age, getting to the deep layers of the skin helps to make the surface layer less wrinkled and appear more youthful. YAY! What I love most about the cream is the SPF ~ 25! Most creams I’ve found are SPF 15. It’s also rich & velvety and it smells great, too.
The Illuminating Eye System immediately grabbed my attention due to the “sheer veil” that’s included. Not only is the cream fluffy and hydrating, but the veil adds some shimmer (not too much) and illuminates the under eye area. Reversalist Eye 2.jpeg
The AVON ANEW Reversalist Day Cream SPF 25 is $32 and the ANEW Reversalist Illuminating Eye System is $30. I think the prices are very reasonable, as well.