Role Mommy Chats with Paralympic Medalist Caitie Sarubbi & Her Mom

We’ve got some great interviews on tap today, including this one with Paralympic medalist Caitie Sarubbi and her mom, Cathy. The pair, who hail from my old neighborhood, Brooklyn, NY, share how Caitie, who is visually impaired, became involved in competitive skiing and managed to land a spot on the Paralympic team along with an acceptance to Harvard University – she found out both in the same week!
While her mom struggled to figure out how she was going to find the way to bring her entire family out to see Caitee compete, she was thrilled to learn that Procter & Gamble planned to sponsor the families of Paralympic and Olympic athletes – bringing them to the games so they could support the athletes during one of the most exciting moments of their lives. To find out more about P&G’s incredible efforts to support moms and to share your own story too, visit their website, and listen in to our interview too!