Jennifer Garner & Frigidaire Encourage Kids to Snack Smart

It’s not every day that you get to meet an amazing celebrity Role Mommy and bring your daughter and son along to meet her too, but that’s what we got to do recently when the team at Frigidaire invited us to a special smart snacking event featuring movie star and mom of two, Jennifer Garner.

More check-ins at Chelsea Market
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As soon as we arrived at Chelsea Market (which incidentally has some of the most amazing baked goods known to mankind), the kids enjoyed a healthy lunch that included pizza, veggies, fruit and smoothies. Next, after the kids finished coloring, they participated in a magic show and had a limbo contest – actually, my son was the magician’s sidekick while my tween daughter chose to hang out with some of my favorite blogging moms, Colleen, Audrey, Amy and Whitney. Before we knew it, it was time to head to the Frigidaire test kitchen where we got the chance to roll up our sleeves and prepare a few healthy snacks our whole family can enjoy.
Once we walked inside, I was blinded by the gorgeous stainless steel appliances – including Frigidaire’s brand new Professional French Door refrigerator which features a bottom freezer and double doors with plenty of room for storage. At that very moment, my mind wandered off into a dreamy place where I had a fridge that wasn’t stuffed to the rafters and an oven that could pre-heat in less than six minutes. While I contemplated where I would place my double door fridge, my son nudged me to snap out of it so that I could catch Frigidaire GM Marty O’Gorman introduce the beautiful and incredibly down to earth Jennifer Garner. Jennifer was joined by Executive Food Director of Martha Stewart Living Lucinda Scala Quinn, author of the new cookbook Mad Hungry: Feeding Men and Boys
and Save the Children’s Mark Shriver. Take a look…(and please excuse the shaky camera work).

Garner is teaming up with Frigidaire to launch “Make Time for Snack Time,” a virtual campaign to get kids snacking smart. Starting now, for everyone who visits and stops the clock for snack time, Frigidaire will donate $1 to support Save the Children’s work to help children in need in the U.S. as part of their $250,000 commitment to this worthy cause. (Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save the Children’s U.S. Program each day you stop the snack time clock, with a minimum of $40,000 and a maximum of $50,000). Save the Children’s Mark Shriver was also on hand to praise the campaign. “Thanks to the support of Frigidaire and Jennifer Garner, we’re making a difference, one smart snack at a time,” he said.
Incidentally, if you register on the site, you will instantly be entered to win that incredible refrigerator – now what are you waiting for anyway? I’ve already tried to enter like five times! (just kidding – could only enter once…bummer!)
jenniferandbecca.jpgLucinda then showed us some great ways to give our kids healthy snacks – from making Yogurt parfaits, to sandwiches shaped like hippos to ricotta and cucumber pita treats. And then, Jennifer walked over to all the moms and dads and their kids where she chatted with us and posed for pictures. And best of all, when my artistic daughter showed her the parfait and elephant inspired ricotta sandwich, she got high praise from Jennifer and Lucinda, who said she was well on her way to becoming a food stylist! And did I mention that Becca made it into InStyle Magazine???? Good thing she has a publicist who works cheap.
Frigidaire Snack Event Group Photo.JPGBefore we all headed home, we were invited back to the kitchen to take a quick photo with Jennifer Garner. And the moment we stepped inside, it was as if we had just welcomed a brand new blogging mom into our brood. Jennifer thought it was really cool that we were all friends with one another even though many of us lived in different states…especially since we are busy moms with a million things on our plates. After we each got the chance to pose with her (I am not including my photo since I look like a deer in headlights), we also took this wonderful group photo and then left the event with the biggest smiles on our faces! Nothing like Jennifer Garner, a fun afternoon with your kids and great snacks to make your day a whole lot brighter.
To find out how you can help make a difference in the lives of kids who need it the most, visit and join the Make Time for Snack Time campaign, Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save the Children’s U.S. Programs.

Twitter Tuesday with The Good Wife

the-good-wife-02.jpgIf you caught last Tuesday’s cliffhanger of “The Good Wife” and can’t wait for the next episode, then join us for our next tweet-up during the show on May 4 at 10 PM, ET along with my Chicago co-hosts Grown in My Heart (@pickel)SelfMadeMom (@selfmademom) and @napwarden. From New York, we’ll be joined by the ladies at HaveUHeard – you can follow them on Twitter at @HaveUHeard1.
If you haven’t joined the party yet, it’s pretty simple – just follow all the names above as well as @TheGoodWife_CBS, click on Tweet Grid where we’ve highlighted our co-hosts and our hashtage for the party #TheGoodWife. You’ll then be able to follow the discussion and join in as we chat about everything from last week’s cliffhanger – will Alicia be hooking up with Will? Will Peter get thrown back in jail for leaving the apartment to chase after Alicia? Will the firm continue to lose money? And what pair of boots will Kalinda be wearing this week? On a side note, if you have questions for wardrobe stylist, Daniel Lawson, then comment below and we will get them to the team at CBS!
Check out the preview below…

Click here if you missed last week’s episode and then visit The Good Wife on and enter the chance to win a Buick Lacrosse too!
Hope to Tweet with you on Tuesday!

Role Mommy Chats with Fancy Nancy Ilustrator

EnterFlat2.jpgRecently, I had the great pleasure to meet Robin Preiss Glasser, mom of two and illustrator of the gorgeous best-selling children’s book series, Fancy Nancy.
If you ever wonder how Robin got her start, then listen in to our interview at Blog Talk Radio. While she started out as a professional ballet dancer, at 30 years old Robin decided to make a major career change – enrolling in Parson’s School of Design so that she could become a children’s book illustrator.

Fast forward two decades and Robin is at the top of her game – immersed in the Fancy Nancy phenomenon. If you’re stuck in a rut and want to figure out how successful women accomplish their dreams, then you’ve found the right place…listen in, laugh and learn!!!