M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Last Airbender” Chance to Win an Embassy Suites Vacation

oahu_may_2007_02.jpegEmbassy Suites is stepping up their game for the 2010 Summer travel season by partnering with Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies in an exciting promotion that celebrates the July 2 release of M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender, an action adventure film based upon the Nickelodeon show.
Guests who book and complete a stay between May 3rd and August 31st at any participating Embassy Suites who enter a special promotional code (AIR) will be automatically entered to win one of four The Last Airbender-themed grand prizes. All four prizes include a six-day, five-night getaway to the Embassy Suites Waikiki Beach Walk in Hawaii paired with an outdoor excursion based on the film. See www.embassysuitesthelastairbender.com for specific details. Fifty runners up will receive a Nintendo Game System and The Last Airbender game. All guests who book their stay through the sweepstakes will receive up to two complimentary The Last Airbender prize packs upon check in to the hotel, each containing five unique toys representing the movie. To book your stay, go to www.embassysuitesthelastairbender.com or call 1.800.EMBASSY and select The Last Airbender promotion rate during the booking process.
Catch a sneak peak from Role Mommy right here:

Atari Presents Sandlot Sluggers

Recently, Role Mommy had the opportunity to host a fun filled event for parenting bloggers and their families at Atari Headquarters in NYC who attended a sneak preview of Backyard Sports Sandlot Sluggers. The afternoon came complete with hot dogs, popcorn, tee ball and plenty of video gaming action! Take a look…

More check-ins at Atari
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Based on one of the best selling kids’ sports video games (my hubby even remembers this one), Backyard Sports is back with this all-new action packed baseball game. Rated E for Everyone, Sandlot Sluggers is available May 25 on Xbox 360®, Wii™, Nintendo DS™ and PC Download. Take a look at what Sandlot Sluggers offers kids and adults:
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Sandlot Sluggers Box Art_WiiCVR (1).jpg* Non-stop action with arcade-style take on baseball, offering up instant playability, comedic commentary, exaggerated animations and turbo-injected gameplay for a one-of-a-kind experience
* Feature-rich with multiplayer tournaments, mini games, season mode, quick play and an all new story mode setting, never seen before in a kids sports game.
* Packed with comic scenarios, kid-style tricks and surprises to keep kids coming back for more.
* Starring a neighborhood full of fun and diverse kids – both fan favorite characters and new friends.
* Super charged power-ups with a twist take the excitement to the next level
* Stunning visuals bring colorful and new settings to life making gameplay feel authentically real.
Here’s an exclusive preview of the Backyard Sports commercial for Booger Ball…a game which I’m sure your kids will be clamoring for…anything with the name Booger in it will definitely have my son hooked for hours!

To find out more about Sandlot Sluggers and to order your copy of the game, visit their website today!

Limited Edition Marc Jacobs Daisy ~ Reinvented!

Marc Jacobs has vamped up his Daisy fragrance ~ and it smells soooo good!  It’s the perfect scent for the Spring/Summer seasons ~ fresh, feminine and floral.  As you can see, the bottle is quite cute too.  I find it so adorable it’s hard to pass up.  Don’t you love those blue daisies on the cap?!  It also comes with a delicate blue garland for you to spray and string across a doorway or drape around a mirror to act as a room freshener.  The scents are a combination of fruit and flowers ~ strawberry and grapefruit mixed with violet and jasmine.  Marc Jacobs Daisy is $57 and available at Fine Department Stores national.  Make sure to visit www.daisymarcjacobs.com.

Join Go Red! & RoleMommy for a Real Moms Roundtable

Go Red For Women presents the Real Moms Roundtable on June 10th in Greenwich
Real Talk with Traci E. Alexander will focus on real stories, real issues and real life

Car pools, meetings, work, family commitments, household responsibilities, social events and community activities. All of these and more fill the “to do” lists of moms throughout Fairfield and Westchester Counties. Life keeps getting busier and because women are often the busiest members of the family, they often put their own health needs on the back burner. The American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women movement encourages every mom to take some time out for herself and feel good about doing it.
For a very special treat, the Go Red For Women movement in Westchester and Fairfield Counties presents the Real Moms Roundtable. Moderated by award-winning journalist, communications specialist and mother of two Traci E. Alexander, the Real Moms Roundtable will be held from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm on Thursday, June 10th at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich in Old Greenwich, CT. Ladies, grab your girlfriends and be a part of this timely conversation with other remarkable moms like you! No topic is off limits. The Real Moms Roundtable will cover family, careers, relationships and health issues. Basically, our distinguished panel will cover everything from the boardroom to the bedroom and everything in between. Alexander will lead the panel through Real Talk on such topics as “Real Mom Spotlights: How Does She Do It?”, “Real Mom-tras: Common Mom-sense & Words to Thrive By” and “Real Mom Confessions–the Good, the Bad & the Excuses.” Reservations are required and may be made by calling Alissa Maglaras at 914-640-3275 or emailing her at Alissa.Maglaras@heart.org. Please RSVP by June 7th.
Our dynamic panel includes Terry Starr and Bradi Nathan, co-founders of MYWorkButterfly.com, Beth Feldman, founder ofRoleMommy.com, Michelle Crecca, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Webster Bank, Martha Bryce, an inspirational mother living with heart disease, and Dr. Janet Taylor, psychiatrist, Lluminari expert and contributor on NBC’s “Today.” Moderator Traci E. Alexander is the Founder and President of Mz. Mom, LLC, a network for professional women. Mz. Mom, LLC is the place where working women can share their adventures as they strive to strike a balance between career and motherhood.
Go Red For Women® is the American Heart Association’s national movement that captures the energy, passion and the spirit power of women to band together and speak out against a silent killer. Designed to celebrate the power and authentic voice of women, their influence and strength in numbers, Go Red For Women is gaining momentum as more and more leaders are lending their voice to the American Heart Association’s call for action and change.
Too many women die each year because they are unaware that cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 killer of women in Connecticut and New York State. One in three women suffers in silence, and almost one woman dies every minute of this largely preventable disease. Go Red For Women is the American Heart Association’s solution to save women’s lives. With its “Speak Up to Save Lives” call-to-action, Go Red encourages everyone to bring a voice to this silent killer of women.
You can choose to speak up for others by adding your dynamic voice to the American Heart Association’s call for action and change. You can listen to what your heart is telling you, support the Go Red movement and spread the word to your friends and your community about making the right personal choices and taking heart-healthy, live-saving action. You can make a dramatic statement by joining us at the Real Moms Roundtable at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich on June 10th. You will connect and network with peers, hear inspiring stories from incredible working moms, learn essential skills to juggle all that’s on your plate and find happiness, fulfillment and peace of mind in all of your roles. Sometimes, “Going Red” is all about taking time out for you and feeling good about it.
Go Red For Women, powered by the American Heart Association’s research, educates and connects millions of women of all ages. www.GoRedForWomen.org is the number one online destination where women can learn how to make heart-healthy choices every day. Research shows that women who “Go Red” are more likely to make healthy choices.
Go Red For Women is sponsored nationally by Macy’s and Merck and locally by Stamford Hospital. Media Sponsors include 4 New York, Telemundo 47, MyWorkButterfly.com and WHUD-FM. Sun Products Corporation is the Real Women’s Series Sponsor.
About Go Red For Women
Go Red For Women is American Heart Association’s solution to save women’s lives. With one out of three women still dying from heart disease, we are committed to fighting this No. 1 killer that is largely preventable. GoRedForWomen.org, a premiere source of information and education, connects millions of women of all ages and gives them tangible resources to turn personal choices into life-saving actions. We encourage women and the men who love them to embrace the cause. For more information please visit GoRedForWomen.org or call 1-888-MY-HEART (1-888-694-3278). The movement is nationally sponsored by Macy’s and Merck & Co., Inc and locally by Stamford Hospital.
About the American Heart Association
Founded in 1924, we’re the nation’s oldest and largest voluntary health organization dedicated to building healthier lives, free of heart disease and stroke. To help prevent, treat and defeat these diseases — America’s No. 1 and No. 3 killers — we fund cutting-edge research, conduct lifesaving public and professional educational programs, and advocate to protect public health. To learn more or join us in helping all Americans, call 1-800-AHA-USA1 or visit americanheart.org.

Save Money with These Yummy Memorial Day Recipes

IMG_8308.JPGWhile I may not be the mom who cooks dinner every single night for my family, what I do quite well is entertain. From Thanksgiving, to Passover to birthday parties, to holiday barbecues, when it comes to festive occasions, I’m usually the one who nods her head and shrugs her shoulders when my husband has decided to invite 25 people over for a barbecue. The problem is, over the years, I have spent a bundle ordering pre-made items that I could have actually prepared myself!
Thanks to Chef Kim, of the Daymon Resource Center and her colleague Andrew Woltmann, I got the chance to sample a delectable gourmet spread of Private Brand food at the recent SVMoms blogger event held at Tribeca Cinemas in NYC. On the menu: stuffed small red potatoes topped with shrimp; beef tenderloin tartlets with plum sauce; mini Napoleons with eggplant cream, and spinach and feta mini soufflés, crudite with dip and baked brie with rosemary, almonds and cherries. And where did all these mouth watering items come from…Stop & Shop and Costco!
Plus, we were also treated to snacks provided by 7 Eleven. My personal fave: the chocolate covered pretzels, smoked almonds, and the Swiss trail mix – all easy and inexpensive items to add to any party menu!
So now that you know the inside secret on saving money this Memorial Day – here are Chef Kim’s incredible recipes that’ll knock the socks off all your guests…unless of course they’re wearing sandals!
briewithcherries.jpgBaked Brie with Rosemary, Almond & Cherries

Serves 4-6
2 T chopped fresh rosemary

2 T chopped slivered almonds

2 T honey

1 brie cheese round

8 fresh cherries, pitted and chopped
crackers (of your choice)
Preheat oven to 400F. In a small bowl, combine rosemary and almonds. With a pastry brush (or knife), coat the sides of the brie with honey and dip into rosemary-almond mixture, pressing. Place brie on a sheet pan. Brush the top with honey and sprinkle with the remaining herb mixture. Place in oven and bake 20 minutes. Remove brie from oven and top with chopped cherries. Bake an additional 5-10 minutes until brie is soft when cut. Serve with crackers.
5 19 meat things.jpgBeef Tenderloin Tartlets w/Plum Sauce
Yields 24
12 slices of thin white bread
Butter or spray for mini-muffin pans
4 tbsp of chicken pate
1 tsp thyme
1/3 cup rare deli beef slices cut into small pieces
2 tbsp plum sauce
Remove the crust from the bread and roll out each slice very thin. Cut two 3-inch circles from each slice, press into prepared mini-muffin tins. Bake @ 370° for 7 minutes for until golden brown. ( Can be kept at room temp for 2 days)
Fill each baked tartlet with ½ tsp of chicken pate, sprinkle with dried thyme, drape with a small piece of beef tenderloin over the top and spoon on ¼ tsp of plum sauce.
5 19 eggplant things.jpgMiniature Napoleons with Eggplant Crème

Yields: 12 Miniature Napoleons
Roasted Vegetables

4 Plum Tomatoes, sliced thickly (between 1/4″ and 1/2″)

1 Zucchini, sliced thickly

12 Cremini or Button Mushroom Caps, de-stemmed and brushed clean

Tamari or Soy Sauce



Parsley & Garlic Powder

Spray Oil
Eggplant Crème

2 Eggplants

2/3 Cup Raw
Unsalted Cashews

1/2 tsp Salt

1 tsp Basil
Oregano & Garlic Powder

2ish Tbs Oil



Olive Oil

Balsamic Vinegar
Slice the tomatoes and zucchini and place them on baking sheet.
Spray or brush vegetables with oil to coat. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and herbs. Bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes, until the veggies almost look dehydrated.
Place the mushrooms on the same baking sheet, upside-down. Fill the centers with a little tamari, no more than 1 tsp.
Spray them thoroughly with spray-oil and bake for 30 minutes, or until tender, at 300º F. Remove and let cool with the other veggies.
While the vegetables are baking peel & cube the eggplant and place them on top of a towel or paper plate. You can microwave the eggplant on high for about 8 minutes, until the eggplant is soft and the paper towels or plate have absorbed a lot of the moisture this will prevent the eggplant from absorbing so much oil while cooking. Or just roast until most of the moisture is absorbed.
Sauté eggplant for 5-10 minutes over medium-high heat, until very soft and browned. Pure the eggplant with the salt, cashews, herbs and garlic and process for several minutes until VERY smooth. You may need to add a little liquid if you over prepared the eggplant. You can use heavy cream if you are not vegan or a little veggie stock. The texture should be smooth, not liquidy.
Season to taste, if needed, then place the eggplant crème in a piping bag or a plastic baggie with one of the corners cut off.
To Assemble

Pipe a little dab of eggplant crème on the plate where you want the napoleon to be. This will act as an anchor.
Place a tomato on top of the anchor, and pipe a small dab of eggplant crème on the top.
Add a slice of zucchini, then another layer of eggplant cream. Top with an upside-down mushroom cap, and place a dab of eggplant crème where the stem was.
For garnish, add a s basil-leaf crown. Put a thin layer of olive oil in the bottom of the dish, surrounding the napoleons and dribble a few drops of balsamic vinegar on the olive oil. Serve warm or at room temperature.
5 19 potatoes.jpgStuffed Small Red Potatoes topped w/Shrimp
Yields 40
1 ½ lb Small red bliss potatoes, about 20
40 cooked shrimp, w/tails
Extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp dried thyme
Salt & pepper to taste
½ c Cream Cheese
½ c Sour Cream
4 slices of crispy crumbled bacon
½ tsp salt
¼ tsp black pepper
2 tsp chives, minced
Green onions, tops, sliced thin
Boil red bliss potatoes just until tender, do not overcook. Shock in ice water bath. Slice potatoes in ½ using a melon baller leaving a thin lining. Cut a slice off the bottom of the potato so it can stand on its own.
Marinate shrimp for at least 3 hours or overnight in oil, salt, pepper & thyme.
Combine Cream cheese, sour cream, bacon, salt, pepper & chives and spoon into potatoes and top w/ shrimp, tail up. Garnish with onion tops.

THE (d.a.)D-LIST by Eric Ruhalter


1. Pastry chef who falls down stairs after announcing “8 …COCONUT CUSTARD… PIES!!!” (et. al.) should sue somebody’s ass.
2. Bert and Ernie dedicate all time and resources toward supporting same-sex marriage legislation. (Those two! I KNEW it!!)
3. Owing to education budget cuts, Sesame street only teaches letters A through N.
4. Oscar busted with Crystal Meth lab in trash can, but still gets elected as Brooklyn Borough President.
5. Gordon and Susan go through nasty divorce, ripe with unwarranted domestic violence police reports and Susan throwing all Gordon’s stuff out window, shouting “Why don’t you keep this crap over at your whore slut girlfriend’s house?!?!?!”
6. Big Bird forced to register as Megan’s Law offender after allegedly making advances at Zoey by way of singing her a lewd parody verse of the ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ song.
7. The Count Von Count should occasionally be interrupted while counting so that a third party government agency can perform an audit.
8. Any time a muppet approaches a child in a skit, said child screams “STRANGER!!!!” kicks for their groin and runs away.
9. Every time Elmo visits the psychedelic “Elmo’s World” a Sesame Street Human Resources representative is there to make him pee in a cup
10. Due to Global Warming all muppets are shaved down to their bare carcass.
BONUS: The Cookie Monster (more recently known as The Veggie Monster) finally falls victim to the Tobacco Lobby. He is known as “The Butt Monster,” and smokes a carton a week.
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for eric.jpgEric Ruhalter lives in Morristown, New Jersey with his wife, Kara & 3 rambunctious children. Eric is the creator of The KidDicitonary – A Book of Words Parents Need To Describe Their Kids. For more of his wit and wisdom, except for wisdom, amuse yourself at www.TheKidDictionary.com.

A Perfect Mother Daughter Adventure in NYC

DSCN3292.jpgI don’t know about you, but I adore my mom – always have, always will. She is one of those kind hearted individuals who always knows the right thing to say, can comfort you when you’re feeling down or overwhelmed and is always at the ready to shop until your hearts content. And so, the last two years, I’ve decided that each May, I would treat my mom to an unforgettable weekend away and as a bonus, I brought my daughter along for the trip so that she could make some memories of her own with grandma too.
Last year, we spent three days away from home in Los Angeles, and this time, we decided to stay nearby and opted for an overnight trip in Manhattan. While debating whether to take the train or drive into the city, I discovered BestParking.com – a site which enables you to type in the address where you’re going, your time of arrival and departure and voila, you’re given dozens of choices of parking lots offering the best prices in the area for your car. Lucky for me, I found a lot a few blocks away from our hotel that was only $18 per night – so we printed out our coupon, packed an overnight bag and zipped off to our night on the town.
the-carlton-hotel-on-madison-avenue.jpgWithin 45 minutes (okay, I know we live pretty close), we arrived in Manhattan and I couldn’t wait to tell my mom and daughter where I had planned to take them that night – but I had decided to keep it a secret until showtime. We got to the lot – which was situated a few avenues away from our hotel, hopped in a cab and made our way to the Carlton Hotel, which is located on 28th and Madison Avenue – away from the hustle and bustle of midtown but still close enough to get you anywhere you want to go.
13 things to do before you're 13Thanks to the Carlton, we were given a complimentary overnight stay so that we could experience their “Tween” package – a guide for girls that offers great destinations and discounts for young girls and their moms in Manhattan – complete with directions from the Carlton Hotel to each location. From makeovers, to mani/pedis at Oasis Day Spa on Park Avenue (which we enjoyed the next day) to a Broadway show to shopping, every tween that checks into the hotel gets the complimentary guide as well as a copy of the book 13 Things to Do By 13.
03_The Carlton on Madison Avenue_CarltonHotelRoom03.jpgThe Carlton Hotel is quite lovely with an art deco lobby and rooms that remind me of the upper west side pre-war apartment I used to rent what now seems like a lifetime ago. The room came complete with flat screen television, bathroom with mega magnifying mirror and signature bathrobes. Plus, the bedding is comfy too – which in my book, is crucial when your ultimate goal is to have a good night’s sleep away from home.
Waiting for us in our room was a fabulous fruit plate compliments of the hotel catering staff along with an invitation to Subtle Tea, a new age tea house with wifi where we grabbed an iced mojito tea and a chocolate chip muffin and then made our way the Flatiron District and Union Square where we spent two solid hours power shopping.
shopping in the flatiron districtIncidentally, the Flatiron district and Union Square are one of the best places to find furniture, clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories – every store you can think of – from ABC Carpet to White House Black Market to Kate Spade, is a few blocks away from the hotel and best of all – there are no crowds!!! Naturally, we wound up at our favorite shopping haunt – Ann Taylor and after doing some damage, we raced back to the room and I slipped into my latest purchase a fuschia colored flouncy top (I just love anything flouncy). With no time to spare, we decided to grab a bite at the hotel’s restaurant, Country, where I dined on delectable appetizers (personal fave was the tuna tartare) and my daughter ordered the salmon and mom went for the chicken – both entrees received two thumbs up. With the clock ticking, it was time to head to our next destination…Broadway!
wicked pixAfter hopping in a cab, it took about 7 minutes to get to the theater and as we drove along my daughter kept asking me…”Are you taking us to Wicked? Are we going to see Wicked??? Please tell me we’re going to Wicked!!!” And as we inched closer to the Gershwin Theater and my daughter saw the sign for the show, she squealed in delight “You’re taking us to Wicked!!!” We arrived about 30 minutes before the performance and couldn’t contain our excitement when we were brought to our seats – Orchestra Row J. Translation: Front and Center!!!!
IMG_0581.jpgBefore we knew it, the show started and all I can say is, if you are traveling to New York or have lived here all your life, you are missing out big time if you’ve never seen “Wicked.” I happen to be a sucker for Broadway Shows and this one is phenomenal. The performances are incredible – especially Mandy Gonzales who literally soars as Elphaba and Katie Clarke who stars as Glinda the pretentiously good witch.
IMG_0582.jpgIn a flash, the show had ended and as I wiped away tears that had been streaming down my face – yes, you will laugh and cry during Wicked and trust me, it is better than “Cats” – we left the theater and visited one of my favorite places in New York City – Ellen’s Stardust Diner – the place where many Broadway stars get their start.
ellens stardust dinerWhile it was already 11 pm, the place was hopping and we were seated on the second floor so while we had an obstructed view, we still were able to hear the waiters and waitresses perform nearly 1 dozen songs – and each and every one was incredible. In fact, our waiter, Mateo was one of the best of the night – singing a powerful number from Les Miserables. While mom and I enjoyed frozen yogurt and fruit, Becca opted for a brownie sundae and finally, after we finished a second cup of coffee (bad move), we grabbed a cab and returned to our hotel.
Stay tuned for part II of our Mother/Daughter adventure…

Twitter Tuesday with The Good Wife – May 18

goodwife2.jpgWe are down to the wire on The Good Wife – two episodes to go and while Alicia won the contest…don’t count Cary out yet. His next move is a stunner. This week, Kalinda’s celebratory drinks with Alicia lead to some candid conversation while Peter has a final showdown with Glenn Childs in court over the corruption charges – Peter may soon be a free man…AND… Accused murderer Colin Sweeney (Dylan Baker) returns, embroiled in an even more sordid situation than last time.
Get ready to tweet with us this Tuesday at 10 pm ET, follow our co-hosts @SelfMadeMom in Chicago and @SelfishMom in NYC, visit TweetChat , enter the hashtag #TheGoodWife and you’ll be set! Also – make sure you follow @TheGoodWife_CBS too for important updates about the show! Check out the preview below…

In addition to dishing about the plot and the actors we’ll also get the inside scoop on all the fashions and accessories featured on the show from wardrobe stylist Daniel Lawson. Plus, we may have some great hair and make-up insider secrets too. And if you’ve been missing The Good Wife, check out this feature in the Los Angeles Times which tells why the show is near perfection.

Role Mommy Chats with Dara Torres

IMG_0632.jpgIn our never-ending battle with the bulge, our travels took us to Manhattan this week where we were put through the paces with Olympic medalist and mom Dara Torres, whose latest book, Gold Medal Fitness, hit bookstores this week. We are huge fans of Dara’s, having read her first book, Age is Just a Number which chronicles her incredible comeback to the Olympics.
Today, Dara looks incredible and she credits her look with Kihara stretching – a program which she outlines in her book that focuses on stretching and resistance exercises that will lengthen your limbs – sign me up for that one any day of the week!
We got the chance to sit down with Dara and hear all about her new book, her daughter Tessa and she offers advice to moms about never giving up on your personal passions. Meanwhile, it’s two days since our workout and I’m still sore – I guess it worked!