Coping with Controlling Grandparents

Thumbnail image for Backseat Grandparents Recently, I got the chance to join GMA correspondent and Moms Get Real host JuJu Chang along with Lee Woodruff, one of the funniest and most inspiring moms I know, for a no holds barred conversation about Backseat Grandparenting. Take a look…
Real Moms Get Real: Part I – JuJu Chang, Lee Woodruff, anonymous mom & me!
Real Moms Get Real – Part II – Dr. Terry Real shares great tips you can use to help bridge the divide between your parenting style and those of your parents or inlaws.
During the segment, my issues had to do with my overzealous dad who attempt to coach my kids during ball games even though my husband is the team coach, while Lee shared stories of her mother-in-law who smokes in their basement and then denies it in front of her kids. Plus, an anonymous mom shared why she is fed up with her mother-in-law who criticizes her parenting skills every chance she gets; and JuJu chimed in about her own mom – who actually sounds quite amazing even though with her first child JuJu was one of those overprotective parents who thought her own parents didn’t know what they were doing. That philosophy quickly changed by the time she had baby number three!
Also on hand was psychologist and best selling author Terry Real who shares tips on how parents can combat the effects of a parent or in-law who steps over the line when it comes to your kids.