Becky’s Corner: Beach Body in Four Weeks!

Getting ready for swimsuit season? Now that Spring is in full swing – the countdown to SUMMER has begun! It’s official – you now have less than 60 days to go from tankini to bikini! Here are some tips to help get your body looking like a BEACH BODY FAST!
1. DRINK LOTS OF WATER! This will help get your skin clear, flush out your system of of toxins and replace calorie filled beverages! Research shows that people who drink more water lose significantly more body weight and fat overtime then those who drink less water.
2. FRESH and CLEAN is the name of the game when it comes to food! Act like it is summer- eat light meals, filled with fresh clean ingredients! Stay away from junk food and be sure to eat lots of fresh fruit, veggies, lean proteins and seeds. Make sure you eat 3 small meals with 2-3 small snacks per day to keep that metabolism churning! Keeping a food journal will help you stay on track! Be sure NOT to skip meals – just make sure everything you eat is fresh, real clean foods- foods that are closest to the natural state.
3. Get a Summertime GLOW- with a nice sunless tan! Go ahead – try it! You will be amazed! One week of eating clean fresh foods, drinking lots of water, exercising hard- then a nice sunless tan! You will look like you just returned from vacation! There are lots of great home sunless tan products as well as salons that offer sunless tanning options! Be sure to exfoliate and moisterize to help your SUNLESS GLOW last longer!
4. SLEEP is essential! Sleep helps to replenish your body and build up your energy which you will need if you are set on getting that beach body by summer time.
5. AMP IT UP! Your workouts that is!!! You want your body to look BEACH BODY READY – you better pick it up and ensure that you are making the most of your time at the gym or working out! Need some help?
Well try out Becky’s Boot Camp just in time for Summer!

With the Becky’s Boot Camp – Basic Training bundle pack – you get a 4 week plan outlining what workouts should be done on which days- maximizing your the benefits from your fitness regimine and taking the guesswork out of it! Becky has taken the time to create this plan with the goal of fat burning, lean muscle building and helping you achieve the body of your dreams! If lean and sculpted is the look you want- then this is the program for you! Included with your bundle package are 6 MP3 Downloadable workouts (Lean Body by Becky Beginner, Lean Body by Becky Advanced, Total Body Sculpt by Becky Beginner, Total Body Sculpt by Becky Advanced, Tabata Blast and Cardio Interval Running Challenge), a Basic Training Program guide – providing you with 4 weeks of programing / instructions on what workouts to do on which days, nutrition protocol and other useful information to ensure you get the MOST out of your workouts with Becky.
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