Memorial Day Fave 5 Conversation Starters

memorial_day_food.jpgGetting ready to head out to a Memorial Day barbecue with friends or family and plan to spend several hours with them? While the first hour or two can be spent catching up on lost time, what else can you talk about before the conversation goes stale? Well, here are a few conversation starters that might cause uproar, debate or juicy conversation around the grill.
1. Should President Obama visit Arlington National Cemetery in honor of Memorial Day or share a burger with his father-in-law in Chicago? Just heard there’s a storm brewing on the Internet over whether the president should take the weekend to spend quality time with his family rather than honor fallen soldiers. He is taking a side trip to New Orleans to assess the oil spill but that’s a whole other conversation that we’ll get to next.
2. What the heck is going on with that BP oil spill anyway? According to the most recent reports, the latest method to stop the oil from spewing millions of gallons into the ocean has failed. Are you kidding me? We can send men and women into space; we can build defense weapons that can annihilate entire countries; but we can’t plug a leak? I think they need to speak with my plumber John, stat!
3. Sex and the City anyone? According to recent reports from friends who have seen the film, it’s not very good at all. Which means, do not, under any circumstances drag your husband or boyfriend to see it. However, do feel free to drag your girlfriends and hit the mall afterwards, because no matter how silly it is, there’s something about the Sex and the City gang that makes me want to you shoe shopping.
4. Talk about Diets. While you’re inhaling a cheeseburger, hot dog and steak, talk about the latest diet fad to have hit the market. In fact, discuss the pros and cons of sampling a master cleanse; whether it’s worth it to plunk down several hundred dollars a week for that new Freshology plan that all the stars are now on; or if Weight Watchers is still the way to go. Also talk about all the outdoor activities you plan to do this summer as you finish your key lime pie.
5. Excuse yourself from the conversation so you can read a good book. There’s something about the start of summer that makes me want to ignore everyone around me so I can read continuously until Labor Day. And for some reason, on Memorial Day, it’s quite alright to leave the table, curl up on a chaise lounge, read and take a nap. Sure it’s not a conversation starter, but it’s certainly one of my favorite things to do hands down!