Dr. Jim Sears Pays Role Mommy A House Call!

DOCS-Group101-704027.jpgThis week, we got the chance to ask all our kid related health questions to one of our favorite pediatricians on the planet, Dr. Jim Sears! If you’ve been hiding under a rock, Dr. Sears is one of the co-hosts of “The Doctors” – the nationally syndicated talk show that pretty much has me riveted every time viewers ask the panel of doc hosts questions relating to all aspects of their lives – from plastic surgery to pediatrics…gotta love it!
Dr. Sears appeared on our most recent Blog Talk Radio show and tackled a host of topics – from immunizations, to skin rashes to how to prepare your child (and yourself) for sleepaway camp. Listen in and grab a pen and paper – because you might want to take notes! For even more great advice, catch Dr. Sears and the team of TV docs weekdays on the The Doctors.

Role Mommy Chats with the Dog Whisperer…Cesar Milan!

daddy-2.jpgRecently, we had the chance to interview The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan who was on hand to answer all our hard-hitting pet questions – from how to deal with a husband who claims he’s allergic to every pet on the planet (even though dogs like poodles don’t even have fur) to how the Obama’s pup Bo is in desperate need of a job! Take a look at our interview, which was videotaped straight from the Role Mommy sunroom! There will be plenty more of these fun celebrity chats but check out all the great tips Cesar had for pet owners and those of us longing to finally get a dog!

Cesar was just named an official spokesperson for Swiffer – which introduced it’s newly redesigned Sweeper Vac this spring (yours truly sold a few of them on QVC a few months back) and during our interview, he shared some great tips on how to create a clean and calm environment for your pets. Take a look…

Have more questions about your dog? Visit the Swiffer website for all of Cesar’s great tips for pet owners! And visit the Swiffer coupon page for great rebates and discounts!

Have U Heard What the Celebrities are Doing This Week??

It was a quiet week in the world of celebrity. No break-ups or affairs have been announced but we do have a pregnancy, a celebrity on the “Most Wanted” list, and a serious health concern for some of your most popular celebrities. We also have the release of the final Shrek movie, Shrek Forever After.
Shrek Forever After opens in theaters today, May 21, 2010. Seeing an advanced screening of the 3D flick, this is a film that both children and adults will enjoy. A bored and domesticated Shrek makes a pact with deal-maker Rumpelstiltskin to get back to feeling like a real ogre again. When he’s duped and sent to a twisted version of Far Far Away — where Rumpelstiltskin is king, ogres are hunted, and he and Fiona have never met — he sets out to restore his world and reclaim his true love.
Along Shrek’s journey there are a lot of laughs and some great music for the audience to enjoy. A definite must see!!
We were so happy to hear Bret Michaels was on the road to recovery after suffering a near-fatal brain hemorrhage last month. The 47-year-old rocker visited the The Oprah Show to talk about how grateful he is to still be alive. Unfortunately, Bret has returned to the hospital after suffering from a warning stroke. Bret, a finalist on this season’s Celebrity Apprentice, had hoped to attend the live Season Finale this Sunday night, but after this recent setback that seems unlikely.
John Travolta and Kelly Preston are having a baby. After living through the tragedy of losing their son last year this is happy news. They released a statement on their website with the happy news.
Any plans on seeing Shrek Forever After? Thoughts on Brett Michaels or John Travolta and Kelly Preston? For more celebrity news go to Have U Heard.

Tweet-up with the Stars of The Good Wife – Tonight!

good-wife35.jpgFans of The Good Wife….this is it! We’re down to the final episode of the season and this Twitter Tuesday, we’re going to be joined by series star Matt Czuchry and executive producer David Zucker! Make sure you follow Matt on Twitter at @GoodWifeMatt and David at @GoodWifeDavid and visit CBS.com to join the party!
If you have questions for Matt or David, simply include their Twitter handle in the stream because they will be answering them live during the chat!
All of our fabulous Twitter co-hosts will be on hand too including @rolemommy @selfishmom, @GenMom @jenwag57 and @pickel, so be sure to follow all of them in addition to @TheGoodWife_CBS, @CBSTweets and one of our favorite fans of the show, @TheGoodFan. Once you’re ready to chat, visitCBS.com and get ready to Tweet!
In case you missed last week’s episode, visit The Good Wife home page to get caught up and then check out this exciting preview for the Season Finale. Twitter Tuesday starts at 10 pm ET – so if you have questions for Matt and David, please make sure you DM me @rolemommy before and during the tweet-up! And here’s the important rule of the night – no spoliers please! The chat will be available on The Good Wife Facebook fan page so you can comment along via Facebook and Twitter as all the action unfolds!