Twitter Tuesday with The Good Wife – May 18

goodwife2.jpgWe are down to the wire on The Good Wife – two episodes to go and while Alicia won the contest…don’t count Cary out yet. His next move is a stunner. This week, Kalinda’s celebratory drinks with Alicia lead to some candid conversation while Peter has a final showdown with Glenn Childs in court over the corruption charges – Peter may soon be a free man…AND… Accused murderer Colin Sweeney (Dylan Baker) returns, embroiled in an even more sordid situation than last time.
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In addition to dishing about the plot and the actors we’ll also get the inside scoop on all the fashions and accessories featured on the show from wardrobe stylist Daniel Lawson. Plus, we may have some great hair and make-up insider secrets too. And if you’ve been missing The Good Wife, check out this feature in the Los Angeles Times which tells why the show is near perfection.