Role Mommy Chats with Dara Torres

IMG_0632.jpgIn our never-ending battle with the bulge, our travels took us to Manhattan this week where we were put through the paces with Olympic medalist and mom Dara Torres, whose latest book, Gold Medal Fitness, hit bookstores this week. We are huge fans of Dara’s, having read her first book, Age is Just a Number which chronicles her incredible comeback to the Olympics.
Today, Dara looks incredible and she credits her look with Kihara stretching – a program which she outlines in her book that focuses on stretching and resistance exercises that will lengthen your limbs – sign me up for that one any day of the week!
We got the chance to sit down with Dara and hear all about her new book, her daughter Tessa and she offers advice to moms about never giving up on your personal passions. Meanwhile, it’s two days since our workout and I’m still sore – I guess it worked!