Role Mommy Chats with Pepsi Refresh Ambassador Liz Dwyer

education.pngWe recently had the opportunity to chat with Liz Dwyer, the education ambassador for the Pepsi Refresh Project, which has been awarding millions to help fund great ideas that are being submitted by individuals worldwide to improve our communities and the lives of those who need it the most.
Liz is working with the Pepsi Refresh Project to encourage individuals and organizations to submit beneficial, achievable, constructive and “shovel-ready” ideas that will have a positive impact on communities. The unique initiative will give millions of dollars in grants to anyone with a great idea, big and small. Individuals from any walk of life can provide powerful, creative and fun ideas that can make a difference. Ideas can be submitted and voted for at
Check out our interview with Liz and find out how you can submit an idea!

The first round of voting has been completed and several ideas have already been awarded grants ranging from $5,000 – $250,000. A new round of voting starts the first of every month.