How to Throw an Outdoor Movie Party

FunFlicksParty-268.jpgSo I just got through planning my daughter’s tween birthday extravaganza and now it’s my son’s turn. While we trekked into Manhattan with 13 kids for a dinner at Planet Hollywood, my son’s birthday will be close to home. In fact, he’s decided that he wants us to host an outdoor movie under the stars.
And so, after the theme was selected, I hopped on my computer and started to do what I do best – googling. I googled Outdoor Movie projectors and screens and became pretty frustrated after scanning through dozens of AV rental stores and came up empty. I tried to get more specific with my choice – Outdoor Movie screen rentals in New York and Bam! I hit paydirt.
Bet you didn’t know this, but there’s a brand new franchise called Fun Flicks where you can actually arrange to have a technician come to your backyard, set up a screen, projector and sound system and while you’re busy giving the kids pizza, popcorn and cake, your movie technician takes care of your all your outdoor movie viewing needs!
Now if you’d like to try a cost cutting measure and potentially start a community outdoor movie initiative, then check out this deal from Costco where you can purchase a projector and movie screen for $600 and then, rent it out yourself whenever someone in your neighborhood wants to show a film. Or, pool your resources and chip in with your friends and then do a movie night once a week in the summer at someone else’s backyard! Something tells me I may be heading to Costco.
Either way, I am so psyched we’re going to be throwing an outdoor movie party and will report back soon on how it went. Now on to the goody bags…