Becky’s Corner: A Quick Upper Body Workout

Want to gain muscle, lose fat but have no time to spend hours at the gym! No problem! Push Ups are the answer! This exercise will sculpt your arms, back, chest, shoulders and core, help you gain strength, build muscle and burn fat! All you need is a few minutes a day, practice, patience and you will see changes within a few weeks! In addition, push-ups can be performed anywhere, anytime with no equipment and most important- no cost! It is a great form of exercise when traveling, or just trying to reach your goal of a healthy fit body!
This is a simple exercise to perform – and there are modifications if you don’t have the strength to perform one full rep (with legs out in plank formation) when you begin. Follow these simple instructions and set your goal for maximum reps!
How to perform a push-up:

  • Place your body in the plank position; toes tucked, heels pressed back, legs straight and activated, abs tight, hands placed on the floor, palms down, directly underneath your shoulders.
  • Be sure to keep your neck straight and look ahead of you while you bend your elbows and slowly lower your body to the ground; your goal should be to touch the floor with your chin.
  • Now, press out with your breath, exhale and push back up – making sure to maintain a straight back and proper form. You will have to flex your quads and abs to help assist you with the motion.
  • Repeat the movement to failure (as many reps as possible)


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  • If you are new to exercise or do not have the strength to perform full out push-ups – you can modify this exercise by dropping your knees to the floor. This will decrease the amount of your body weight that you are lifting.
  • Be sure not to be intimidated! Practice and patience will have you stronger than ever and doing more reps then you ever imagined possible! Try mixing it up with walks, jogging, biking or other exercise to get a full body blast in a quick amount of time!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below! Remember, the pain of discipline is far less than the pain of regret! Eat, exercise and be happy! That is what life is all about!
Stay Focused Until the Miracle Happens!
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